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Ana Aguirre

Skills and Background

  • Content Writer and Editor at Wizards. She’s involved in research, editing, and writing diverse content for Wizards’ customers and the company’s blog.

  • Translator and editor, specialized in video game localization. 

  • Trilingual, focused on English-Spanish translations, and Spanish-English translations. 


Ana Aguirre is a translator and copywriter from Córdoba, Argentina. She has specialized her translation endeavors in the field of video game localization. 

She has a wide range of experiences to draw on in her writing and has been working as a translator and copywriter for Wizards and its clients. As a copywriting team member creating relevant and engaging content for their websites, bringing forward information for their clients and daily readers. 

Her translation career has always been complemented by her true passion for languages, and her commitment to make it as accessible to others as possible. Through the years, she has helped many people and students to perfect their skills and competencies in English, as well as to apply to international exams and gain the confidence to apply for English-requiring jobs.

Ana has also made languages and language learning a part of her personal life, dictating her hobbies, interests, and interpersonal connections. As well as being well-versed in English and Spanish, Ana has also studied French, and is currently learning another language. 

As a part of Wizards, Ana strives to create engaging content and provide truthful and relevant information about the latest technological developments for curious minds alike, while taking full advantage of the company’s collaborative environment and open communication within the teams.

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