Google Search new interface has been officially launched

Google search II

The design of Google Search’s new interface includes a second column of suggestions and predictions. Also, the company confirmed that a new edge-to-edge autocomplete interface is being tested along with other full-width elements.

Google Search’s new interface offers an enhanced autocomplete version that shows additional search predictions like “People also ask”, “People also search for” and other results related to users’ queries.


What does Google Search new interface look like?

Whenever you do a search on the Google desktop interface, a second column of predictions will appear on the right side.

The search company is also testing a new variation of autocomplete called “edge to edge”. This means that there is no border around the search box where users enter their query and there is a combination of the elements of search results.


Google is frequently testing out new tools’ improvements and features to offer its users a better experience. Just to name an example, on December 7th the company announced some visual changes on Google Search desktop when users look for news.

Starting today you’ll notice something different when you look for news on Google Search desktop” -says part of the announcement on Twitter.

In conclusion

Changes to the Google Search interface, either big or small, influence the way people use Google Search. That is, how often they decide to carry out a new search, where they may click and more interesting data.

These changes also may have a significant impact on how many people click and visit your website from Google’s search results for certain queries.


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