During the whole month of March, we will be cherishing the legacy of the brilliant women who have made our current technological world possible.

Women who worked from the fringe of society, whose key role in our history has not been given the recognition it deserves.

Women like Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr, or Joan Clarke, just to name a few that paved the way.

Today much has been done in the wake of gender equality, but a lot more still needs to be done.
Even if we strive to give visibility to the efforts of thousands of women, this month, we want to celebrate the courage and determination of those who are fighters.
We offer this platform as a place to acknowledge the path that brought us here, and what needs to change for the future:

At Global Wizards, we want to make a stand on reducing the gender income gap especially in the tech entrepreneurial world.



I’m part of the quantitative & qualitative research team… I’m kind of the ‘stalker’ of the team.
I feel very comfortable and happy being part of a work environment where being heard is valued by my amazing teammates.
Working at Global Wizards gives me the freedom and dynamism I need in my life. I hope to grow in the tech environment and learn from each one of my peers!


I am Delfi, I’m a community manager at Global Wizards.
I feel very moved and motivated by the existence of this platform where we are discussing women and tech.
We need to rethink and debate the responsibility we have as professionals to push for equality, diversity, and not fall into stereotypes.


Hi there! I’m Lau, a graphic artist at Global Wizards. I draw for a living, and I excel at comic and magical doodles.
I’m constantly working on the myriad of assets needed for all projects and by our clients. As a result, I’m always working with the team, which I love!
I believe that working in an environment where you feel comfortable is key to being able to develop any creative potential. I feel that, at Global Wizards, I’ve found teammates that not only help me grow as a professional, but also as a person.


Hi! I’m the head designer and brand manager at Global Wizards.
I’m focused on multi-level communication, brand, and identity management through graphic elements and UX for apps. Being involved in almost every project at Global Wizards gives me the amazing chance to keep a constant, active, and close bond with each and every member of the team.
Facts do speak for themselves, and we as tech professionals can “show” and prove everything do, achieve and empower.


Mi name is Nat, I’m an anthropologist and I work as a copywriter at Global Wizards.
For me, this job is both gratifying and challenging at the same time. It allows me to work on a broad spectrum of subjects and to apply a wide variety of tech-tools on a daily basis.
The Global Wizards team is mainly made up of passionate women. They motivate me, empower me, and move me to become my best self, both personally and professionally.


I am named after one of the most famous witches in the world.
I started my path at Global Wizards as an assistant, and now I’m studying to become a web designer while I also learn HR skills.
Global Wizards is amazing. This company allows me to work around great people that are always encouraging me to grow and achieve my wildest dreams.


Hi! I’m Vicki, and I’m part of the digital marketing team.
Thanks to this job, I’m always enjoying new challenges and experiences that demand a constant holistic, innovative and detail-oriented approach. Without these, no marketing team can thrive.
Here, all these things makes me grow on both a professional as a personal level.
Thanks to technology, Marketing became much more inclusive. Nowadays, you can be an online marketer regardless of your gender, age, or even where you are!

To the Global Wizards team, International Women Day is not just another day on the calendar.

This month, we commit to promoting women’s roles in the tech and business world to push for equality and respect.
All through this month, we will publish several relevant contents that are meaningful to us.os.

Equality through Technology.

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