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Lawyers like Connie Kaplan believe in Global Wizards as it is one of the best marketing firms for attorneys.

The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan, P.A. are dedicated to providing each client with the best possible representation for their immigration matter. Connie Kaplan helps people make the United States their permanent home.


The Challenge

Connie Kaplan’s old-school, traditional approach to digital marketing was no longer applicable in this market. The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan needed to adopt a new strategy rooted in social media campaigns and news feed ads if they wanted any chance at competing against newer legal companies.

The Solution

Global Wizards created a new professional website to impress and engage Connie Kaplan’s customers. The site features an elegant design, information on Connie Kaplan’s services, contact options for quick questions or requests, and more. Global Wizards specializes in content marketing for attorneys. We also designed the branding campaign which included digital marketing like email campaigns with informative content to be delivered daily so that they can stay in touch with their customers no matter where they might go online!

The Results

As a result of our work, The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan has gained recognition among its audience. With the new bright, modern and inviting website their customers feel more welcome on Connie Kaplan’s webpage and at the same time they get all the information they are looking for.

Connie Kaplan
Web hosting
Web hosting

Web Hosting

Having reliable and high-performing web hosting was an essential part of Connie Kaplan’s business. The main purpose of Global Wizards’ web hosting service was to give easy access to Connie Kaplan’s website over the web. Our team’s technical skills and knowledge were exactly what the company needed to get ahead of its competitors in terms of customer experience, load time, etc.

Global Wizards uses Ubuntu Server with Docker Engine -for extra security- and owns Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers located on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Asia and Latin America. CDN servers help users around the world view high-quality content, videos or images quickly and easily. Our experts offer the safest servers available on the market and guarantee fast loading speed worldwide as the best security standards as well.








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Google Cloud

Web SEO for Lawyers

The SEO campaign has been a great success, and we’re happy to have The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan be seen by more potential customers!



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The writing team at Global Wizards stepped in to provide copy-writing services for The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan that included generating engaging posts on its webpage and its social networks as well as creating informative content so visitors would be able to find what they need when browsing their site.


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Connie Kaplan
Connie Kaplan
Connie Kaplan
Connie Kaplan

Digital Marketing

Global Wizards has launched a Facebook Ad Campaign to increase Connie Kaplan’s online visibility and attract potential clients, specifically those looking for Immigration Law firms with experience in the area. The ads, which can be found by searching on other social media sites such as Google, are designed specifically to target those who need legal advice from companies like The Law Offices of Connie Kaplan.



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