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Jen Berot

Jen Berot is a photographer, coach and much more. Global Wizards help her to achieve all her goals by providing marketing for health coaches.

She offers coaching and phototherapy meetings to find your best version.


The Challenge

Jen is a professional photographer and coach. She mixed her two passions up to offer an innovative service: Phototherapy to help you find your best version. She needed a new website to share her mission and offer her services. Her target was to reach as many people as possible to expand her business.

The Solution

Global Wizards proposed to Jen the creation of a new website that truly showed what she had to offer. By using specific lifestyle marketing strategies, Global Wizards changed the game for her business. Also, our team came up with a SEO campaign to reach Jen Berot’s customers easily.

The Results

Jen Berot’s company took off and gain her audience’s support thanks to Global Wizards’ efforts. Her new web page looks friendly and peaceful. The colors chosen bring serenity and calm to the mind matching Jen’s business purpose.

Marketing for health coaches Jen Berot

Web Design

Jen Berot
Jen Berot





Web hosting
Web hosting

Web Hosting

Having reliable and high-performing web hosting was an essential part of Jen Bert’s business. The main purpose of Global Wizards’ web hosting service was to give easy access to Jen Bert’s website over the web.

Global Wizards uses Ubuntu Server with Docker Engine -for extra security- and owns Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers located on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Asia and Latin America. CDN servers help users around the world view high-quality content, videos or images quickly and easily. Our experts offer the safest servers available on the market and guarantee fast loading speed worldwide as the best security standards as well.








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Global Wizards started a web SEO campaign and it turned out to be Jen Berot’s golden ticket! Her website became one of the better-ranked sites, which attracted clients in droves.



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