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Jif Trade

Global Wizards is an online retailer marketing agency. It has helped Jif Trade to promote its business and maximize its efforts.

Jif Trade imports wine from thirteen different families located in some of the best sub-regions of Argentina and Chile.

The Challenge

Jif Trade needed to establish its web presence if it wanted to grow over the years. They wanted to stand out by having a website that looked good to promote their products.

The Solution

Global Wizards, an online retailer marketing agency, created an interesting web page for Jif Trade that clearly communicates quality information about the business. Also, our team developed a retail SEO campaign to make the brand more popular and to gain new clients.

The Results

The new website and web SEO campaign increased Jif Trades´credibility and therefore its revenue. Jif Trade’s website has sections and categories carefully planned and present information in a way that it is easy for users to find.

Online retailer marketing agency for Jif Trade

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Jif Trade





Web hosting
Web hosting

Web Hosting

Global Wizards’ web hosting services were just what Jif Trade needed. Our team offers some great new solutions for businesses seeking an edge over their competition through superior UX/UI or lightning-fast loading speeds – you’ll be able to rank higher with Google because we know how it works!

Global Wizards uses Ubuntu Server with Docker Engine -for extra security- and owns Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers located on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Asia and Latin America. CDN servers help users around the world view high-quality content, videos or images quickly and easily. Our experts offer the safest servers available on the market and guarantee fast loading speed worldwide as the best security standards as well.








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Global Wizards offers quality SEO for retail websites. In this case, our team carried out a web SEO campaign that put Jif Trade ahead of the competition. Global Wizards was able to establish Jif Trade as a leader in its field.



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