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The Pleasure Principal

Life coach for men is becoming more and more popular as it is an alternative method to solve conflicts and sex problems that affect men in general.

The Pleasure Principal is the Master of men’s Health.


The Challenge

The Pleasure Principal’s aim is to help men going through difficult situations. It was necessary to promote its services on a website to reach a bigger audience.

The Solution

Global Wizards, experts in marketing for health coaches, took the task of creating a new website for The Pleasure Principal and also developed a web SEO campaign to take the coaching company to a higher level.

The Results

Global Wizards created a new website for The Pleasure Principal that looks calming and confident. It is full of interesting articles and information for visitors to see. The orange color lights up the neutrality of white and also gives a sense of confidentiality. Our team also came up with social media for coaches to reach a wider audience.

Life coach for men: The Pleasure Principal

Web Design

The Pleasure Principal
The Pleasure Principal





Web hosting
Web hosting

Web Hosting

Global Wizards’ web hosting service was useful for The Pleasure Principal because it made its website accessible over the Internet. Now, customers and potential clients can easily access the company’s website over the Internet anytime and anywhere. Our team’s technical skills and knowledge were essential to improve customer experience, load time, and some more aspects of the new website.

Global Wizards uses Ubuntu Server with Docker Engine -for extra security- and owns Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers located on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Asia and Latin America. CDN servers help users around the world view high-quality content, videos or images quickly and easily. Our experts offer the safest servers available on the market and guarantee fast loading speed worldwide as the best security standards as well.








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Google Cloud


The SEO campaign was very successful and The Pleasure Principal noticed an increment in monthly consultations. We are glad to know that The Pleasure Principal is seen by more people!



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