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Global Wizards provided Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. with the best marketing for cleaning businesses.

Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. offers a professional cleaning service.

The Challenge

In order to have a profitable business in a highly competitive market, Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. needed Global Wizards’ help to make some deep changes in its branding, website and social media accounts.

The Solution

Global Wizards created a new website for the company that aimed at welcoming visitors and providing the necessary information for potential clients. Also, a new logo was created together with a branding campaign with the purpose of renovating the brand’s image. Finally, Global Wizards developed a web SEO campaign and a social media campaign to increase the brand’s visibility.

The Results

The whole project was a success as the new image of Olga’s company looks fresh and friendly. The web page design is simple but at the same time shows professionalism. Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. gain popularity and became a strong firm for clients to trust.

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Logo Design & Branding

The new logo consists of a lady with a vacuum cleaner surrounded by the name of the company in orange. The color portrays confidence and friendliness.


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Web Design

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Web Hosting

Global Wizards provided Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. with the latest technologies and services to have their website listed on all of the popular search engines. Our team’s technical skills and knowledge were exactly what the company needed to get ahead of its competitors in terms of customer experience, load time, etc.

Global Wizards uses Ubuntu Server with Docker Engine -for extra security- and owns Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers located on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Asia and Latin America. CDN servers help users around the world view high-quality content, videos or images quickly and easily. Our experts offer the safest servers available on the market and guarantee fast loading speed worldwide as the best security standards as well.








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Google Cloud


Global Wizards provided a web SEO campaign that meant an impulse to Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. More and more people are getting to see Olga’s new web page to hire their cleaning service.



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Social Media

The social media campaign made for Olga’s company was a major component in Global Wizards’ strategy for building higher brand awareness and customer loyalty! We created Facebook ads for cleaning businesses like Olga’s company. Now, Olga’s Cleaning Services Inc. stands out from its competition.




Digital Marketing

The first step we took in the process of building Olga’s business was to analyze her potential customers’ interests. Once we identified their preferences, our team ran a global marketing campaign that focused on strategically branding our client along using creative ads, tailored for each customer. The use  of SEO techniques allowed us not only to build up social media presence but also to place higher ranking positions in search engine results pages. All this has led Olga’s cleaning business into success!



Google Ads

Facebook Ads

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