Global Wizards’ Internet marketing services were all SEApp needed

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SEApp needed internet marketing services to achieve the organization’s goals.

SEApp is a mobile application made for Sign Language translation. It has an interdisciplinary team of professionals that work together with teachers, psychologists and Argentine Sign Language interpreters. Global Wizards’ internet marketing services were key to develop this project.


The Challenge

The origin of SEApp was the idea of helping deaf people interact in an accessible way. To do so, they needed a mobile app that was easy for visitors to use. They also wanted a complete Internet marketing service in order to reach as many users as possible!

The Solution

Global Wizards have developed a new app called SEApp which is designed to help deaf people interact with the world. Our team used cutting-edge technology that integrates with other popular social networks such as Facebook or Google, making it easier for all users to communicate and stay in touch no matter what their physical condition might be!

The Results

SEApp’s interface is very easy to understand and navigate, making it a perfect choice for those with little or no hearing ability. Thanks to its intuitive interface, SEApp has become the go-to app for deaf people worldwide. Global Wizards is proud to have been part of this amazing project!

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Mobile App

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