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In an ever-evolving landscape, the right technology can make all the difference. Outsourcing software development as a service allows companies to focus on their core competencies. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Forging Transformative Solutions

At Wizards, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. Concerned about costs, quality, or compatibility? Our team offers transparent pricing, an agile approach, and robust security. No delays – just agile, secure, and collaborative solutions. Let’s build success together.

Agile Development for Rapid Tech Advancements

We believe in co-creating unique tools. No matter your industry, we have the expertise to deliver tailored solutions. Your tech expertise combined with our software development prowess leads to unparalleled innovation.

We’re committed to helping you overcome obstacles, drive innovation, and achieve your desired outcomes. The benefits of Software as a Service include automatic updates, accessibility from anywhere, and cost-effective licensing, enabling you to stay ahead in the tech race.


Tech Companies


Tech Companies



Reach out now to discuss how our custom software development can shape your tech vision into a remarkable reality.

Sculpting Digital Futures

Ready to amplify your tech? Dive into the numbers behind our stellar software development as a service. Let’s co-create your success story!
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"Wizards has been an instrumental partner in both our land-based and digital casino businesses. From building ground-up technology to bringing their sophisticated digital marketing expertise to our Latino casino brand, JefeBet, the Wizards team has added great value to our organization."
Seth Schorr
Seth Schorr
CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, Las Vegas, USA
"As the CEO of EQL Games, I've had the privilege to collaborate with the team at Wizards. Their expertise in creating intuitive interfaces and robust software implementations for the gambling industry has been instrumental in our projects' success. Their dedication and professionalism truly set them apart. We're grateful for our ongoing partnership."
Brad Cummings
CEO of EQL Games, Kentucky, USA
"Working with Global Wizards has truly transformed my business. Their skill and commitment propelled my passion project to new levels. They've taken charge of marketing and software development, allowing me to focus on what I love: growing my business. They stand out for their strategic approach and tireless work ethic, acting not just as service providers, but as genuine partners invested in my success. Thanks to them, my business is soaring with steadfast support and expertise."
Alan Burak
President of SAGSE, Argentina
"The Wizards team has demonstrated unparalleled skill in understanding and capturing the essence of Fecoljuegos in the digital realm. Their focus on effective and consistent solutions has strengthened our presence in the gaming industry. I am deeply grateful to them."
Evert Montero Cardenas
President of FECOLJUEGOS, Colombia
"Wizards helped my organization stand up and maintain its technology profile, and provided staff augmentation services in other key operational areas. Fernando Polti and the Wizards team are professional, reliable, and friendly. Easy to recommend!"
Seth Young

Empowering Tech Evolution

Wizards grant you tailor-made solutions. With Software as a Service, you can scale your software solutions easily as your business grows. Experience the power of agile development, transparent communication, and timely delivery, all while enjoying the smoothest ride through the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Custom Experiences

Custom Software Development

We built software solutions with enduring business value. From front-end interfaces to core back-end technology. Including AI tools, web & mobile apps, slot games dev, and more.

Scalability built-in

Full Software Development Outsourcing

Our team builds for you. We create autonomous development teams dedicated to addressing both your present and future software requirements.

Personalized Solutions

Expand your Team

Our developers join your team. By assembling a dedicated staff that works with you, you can effectively fill any skill gaps and accelerate the progress of your development initiative.

AI Solutions

Embrace the future with data-driven precision. Unleash the potential of your business through machine learning and AI tools. Identify and leverage hidden patterns within your data, turning them into actionable insights.

UX/UI Design

We transform your ideas into functional and user-friendly realities. Build stunning, intuitive designs for your software in any interface. Create designs that not only look impressive but also guide users effortlessly through your product.

Sales, marketing & customer service

Drive sustainable growth. We are your best partner in profit maximization. Our revenue-boosting campaigns and client-tailored strategies are crafted for your success in the dynamic and competitive tech landscape.

Web & Mobile Development

Take your products to new horizons, keeping your software accessible anytime and anywhere. Expand your reach, delight users, and stay ahead of the competition.

SEO & Content Strategy

Elevate your tech company's online presence. Reach your target audience, improve rankings, and establish authority in the industry. Let us drive organic traffic and leads, as you focus on your business growth.

Branding + Design

Make a lasting impression in the world of technology. Turn your brand into a symbol of creativity, professionalism, and innovation with our help. We’ll create a unique visual experience that sets your brand apart from the crowds.

Wizards grant you tailor-made solutions. With Software as a Service, you can scale your software solutions easily as your business grows. Experience the power of agile development, transparent communication, and timely delivery, all while enjoying the smoothest ride through the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Responsive. Adaptive. Reliable

We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, having the right software can make all the difference. Our company takes pride in offering a comprehensive software development as a service solution.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Save your budget for what truly matters – Our transparent budgeting process gives you a clear picture, allowing you to maximize your ROI. Eliminate costly upfront hardware and software fees. Adopt the latest advancements without worrying about expensive upgrades or migrations, investing in growth and freeing resources for innovation and expansion.


Flexibility is key. Business landscapes can change rapidly, and your ability to adapt is crucial. Our scalable software development as services solutions adapt to your growth seamlessly. Respond quickly to evolving market conditions or shifting project priorities and scale your resources up or down as your project demands change.

Superior Quality Assurance

We’re not satisfied until your product gleams with perfection. Our dedicated team guarantees error-free, secure, and efficient software. We optimize every aspect of your software and implement rigorous quality controls, to ensure reliability, security, and peak performance. Our designs are meant to be a reliable and unwavering partner.

Tap into Expertise

Our pool of skilled developers covers a broad spectrum of technologies and domains, from AI and machine learning to mobile app development. No more waiting for months to see results – our agile teams work tirelessly to deliver high-quality software at warp speed. Whatever your project needs, we have the experts who can make it happen.

Realistic Estimation of Deadlines

We’re not in the business of making empty promises. We provide realistic project timelines. Our team carefully considers all undertaking variables, to ensure on-time delivery. Your project arrives on schedule, like clockwork, without sacrificing quality. This allows you to plan and launch your product with confidence.

Innovation on Overdrive

Innovate boldly, without the constraints of routine tasks. Free your in-house team from time-consuming tasks and watch them soar with creativity. Our software development as a service takes care of the nitty-gritty, allowing your business to focus on groundbreaking ideas that set you apart from the competition.

We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, having the right software can make all the difference. Our company takes pride in offering a comprehensive software development as a service solution.

Redefine Possibilities with Software Development

As technology evolves, so do the opportunities for growth. Our software development services bridge the gap between your tech aspirations and real-world applications. Discover how we’re committed to fueling your tech journey with tailor-made solutions that redefine possibilities.

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