VP Solutions

VP Solutions Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites The Project VP Solutions job is to coach their clients and teach them how to achieve their personal and professional goals, they help customers become more productive in a solutions-based environment. So we needed to show how well our team of professionals could work on their branding, logo,… Continue Reading VP Solutions

Inca Games

Inca Games Websites The Project Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina Inca Games is the very first publisher in Latam, publishing video games from all Latin America to the rest of the world, they are producers and publishers of interactive content and a team of professional game industry veterans with more than 15 years of experience.… Continue Reading Inca Games

Belmont Center

Belmont Center Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites The Project Belmont Center for Beaux-Arts Studies has the mission to promote and present professional historical research and educational programming in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, decorative arts, and other associated disciplines related to the American Renaissance Movement. For it, it needed a proper classy website where… Continue Reading Belmont Center

Jif Trade

Jif Trade Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites The Project Jif Trade imports wine from thirteen different families located in some of the best sub-regions of Argentina and Chile. We knew we needed to create a webpage where they could showcase their products with the same level of excellence. Global Wizard’s team was decided to capture… Continue Reading Jif Trade