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According to research, Google users do not even think about scrolling past the first page of Google search results which means that if your business is not found on Google’s top results it won’t probably be noticed. Pay special attention to your business online presence management to avoid committing common mistakes!

So, what can you do if your website is not ranking for the products or services that you offer? Simple, you can add WordPress plugins that will be useful to do efficient SEO and you can also work with online visibility management platforms like SEMrush to improve your rankings and results. In this article Global Wizards tells you all about SEMrush, keep on reading!

What is SEMrush

SEMrush is an online visibility management platform that helps marketers manage their internet presence with a suite of tools. The tools offered help users discover marketing insights, do keyword research, competitor analysis and campaign optimizations, among other tasks.

It is quite possibly the most relevant SEO tool in today’s ever-changing world of digital marketing because not only does it help businesses improve their organic search results and ranking but also it is constantly adding new features to make sure the software stays up-to-date with upcoming trends.


SEMrush will help you with every aspect of your company’s online presence management. Using this management platform’s tools, your company will be able to improve its search engine results and its overall performance as well.

SEO, PPC, social media marketing and branding are all important parts of a successful digital strategy. We know sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all, but luckily for you, you’ve come to a solution! SEMrush is your magic tool!

Is SEMrush worth it? Here are 5 Benefits of using it!

Selecting just 5 advantages of using SEMrush was even harder than doing SEO without SEMrush. However, we chose the most remarkable ones.

  • Check and track your organic rankings

Monitor your site’s online visibility, your top keywords and compare your company against the competition. If you don’t know who your competitors are, SEMrush identifies similar companies that might be in the same race as yours.

Track your keywords’ performance over periods of time and determine whether it has improved or decreased.

  • Develop persuasive and creative PPC Campaigns

With little space in the headline and description, you must convince people to click on your ad, as challenging as it may sound. SEMrush lets you go through your competitor’s ads to create attractive content.

SEMrush allows you to do keyword research, compare search volumes and trends and more in just some simple steps.

  • Boost your Content Marketing

SEMrush detects the keywords that are working properly and bringing traffic to your website and also the ones that need a little push. If you are lacking inspiration, the software gives you feedback to improve pages and what is behind it like strategies, backlinks and so on.

You will be able to check which sites are linking back to yours and where your brand is being mentioned.

  • Make Simplified Reports for your team

Entering data manually from Google Analytics and creating spreadsheet reports is so over! SEMrush lets you export data collected results to a PDF report or Excel spreadsheets. Share your work via email or send the link to your team to keep them updated. It’s easy to share and easy to understand!

  • Evaluate Social Media Effectiveness

Social media marketing is a crucial component of any company’s online presence. What customers and potential customers think of your brand might be influenced by the visual content you post and clients’ interactions on your social platforms.

SEMrush is an excellent tool for online presence management as it helps you detect where your brand is being mentioned, which influencer marketing opportunities you have available and more useful features. It also allows users to schedule social media postings on different platforms.

Let’s dive into SEMrush features!

SEMrush is a user-friendly software that can be customized according to your needs. You can save any of your websites as a project and access it at any time. Inside each project, you can select specific tools for that particular website.

SEMrush features are divided into 5 areas of interest: SEO, Content, Market Research, Advertising, SMM y SERM. As you can see, the software offers a wide variety of tools which is why it is considered to be the most popular online visibility management platform.



In this area you’ll find 6 features which, at the same time, are made of different tools to improve your online presence management.

The first step in building a successful online business is to find the right keywords. The best keywords to target will not be the same for every site and the only way of knowing which ones are right for your site is by doing your research. Find the keywords that bring in customers using SEMrush’ Keyword Research!

Also, Rank Tracking lets you monitor your target keywords daily to identify changes in search volume and find opportunities for optimization.

Make sure your site is optimized for local searches so you can attract more customers from nearby by using Local SEO tools. You’ll be able to track your business’ daily performance, strengthen your social media relations, improve your search rankings and more!


The content area provides you with tools related to Content Marketing, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Optimization and Content Marketing Analytics.

Are you interested in creating successful content that generates traffic for your company? With SEMrush you will find popular topics, headlines and questions asked online to generate an effective editorial plan.


The Marketing Calendar will be useful to plan and manage content strategies. The whole team can collaborate to be on track with all the marketing activities and to make your online presence management easier.

Get actionable tips to improve your content’s quality and its performance in search engine rankings using SEO Writing Assistant. Your audience will love your creations!


Market Research

In this section you’ll find Market and Competitor Analysis tools, Paid Advertising tools and Competitor PR Monitoring.

Check your position and leave your competitors behind using Market Analysis tools. Also, SEMrush offers Competitor Analysis tools for you to get more people to your website and boost performance by learning a few tricks from other companies that will serve you as inspiration.

Save time by automating demanding tasks with Paid Advertising tools. Keyword Magic Tool will be of great help to access the most complete keyword list on the market. Discover a large number of related terms and phrases, question keywords and all you need for your PPC campaign.


Within this group, you’ll have access to PPC Keyword research and Website Monetization tools. SEMrush offers a set of tools ideal for bloggers, affiliate marketers and AdSense publishers.

The Display Advertising report provides you with an analysis of your successful competitors from each perspective: their audience’s top interests, which devices they come from, and much more.


SEO Writing Assistant will help you brainstorming ideas to optimize your texts. From recommendations about words to use to the selection of the tone of voice, SEMrush helps you create original and persuasive content.



Social media management can be overwhelming. That’s why SEMrush designed a suite of social marketing tools, like Social Media Poster and Social Media Ads to help you streamline your social management and reach more people with less effort!

Its publishing, monitoring and ads solutions will automate much of the work for you so that all it takes is one click to share content on multiple channels like Facebook or Twitter.

SEMrush tools make it easy to find the best content for each platform by tracking keywords in real-time so you can focus on what matters most – building relationships with prospects while optimizing conversions across multiple channels all at once!

SEMrush pricing plan options

This magical tool offers 3 different plans: Pro, Guru and Business. The first plan is thought for marketing newbies and small teams; the second plan is great for SMEs, growing agencies and marketing consultants; while the Business plan is useful for large agencies and enterprises.

The online presence management platform lets you cancel your subscription and also downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time. The good thing is that if you decide to cancel or downgrade your subscription you’ll get a full refund as long as you do it within the first 7 days.

There is also a free plan available in which you can have access to a lot of tools but you can create and work with just one project and track up to 10 keywords.


Believe in magic as we do

We haven’t found an online management platform as complete as SEMrush. It seriously has everything you need to improve your business’ online performance!

It has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface which is a huge advantage if you are just getting started in the world of SEO. Besides, it provides users with valuable information to get the most out of their businesses.

Global Wizards strongly encourages you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! Whether you decide to start a free trial or sign up for any paid plan, we are sure it will be worth it.

If you want to obtain more information about this or other digital marketing-related topics visit our blog or contact us and we will get in touch immediately.


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