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Mobile game creation: the Fun Factory

Global Wizards works with our own gaming studio and game app developers to create chart-topping games for different platforms.

Our visual 2D and 3D artists know how to bring your idea to the next level through stunning images and animations. We’ve been successfully involved in the delivery of exciting games for mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms, and we look forward to turning your game idea into an addictive reality through creative designs and a seamless gaming experience.

Fun Games from the Fun Factory
Mobile Games Development

Mobile Games Development

Counting over 8 million downloads, we have created best selling titles for iOS and Android devices.
Our mobile games developers count with the experience needed to craft stunningly beautiful and highly entertaining games, regardless of the topic or targeted age group. Workshop ideas with our team or let us spread our creative wings, and watch as we have fun while creating fun.

VR Games

Leveraging virtual reality platforms to craft a truly inmersive experience can transform the way you interact with customers.
Most of today’s content produced for VR devices are games. Our VR platform experts can help you innovate by creating a unique gaming reality exclusive for VR devices, bringing your game idea to new heights.
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Virtual games

3D Animation

Out of the entire gaming experience, designing beautiful animations is what we love the most. We create stunning 3D graphics, characters, models and animations that are ready to be integrated into your games via Unity 3D.

Character Design

Characters are what will ultimately bring your game to life, so crafting unique personas is key to keep your users engaged. We help you design highly creative characters of all kinds, from fun-filled creatures to realistic humans, to fit any game you choose to develop.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is one of our key tools when it comes to game development. We create custom C# plugins to achieve out-of-box functionalities that can be reused across multiple projects.

Monetization Strategy

Every successful game title requires a carefully crafted monetization strategy. We provide hands-on support for maximizing content consumption via incentives, in app purchases, push messages and social channels.

Mobile Games Publishing

We’re always excited to partner up with highly engaging game titles for the launch. If you have a game that hasn’t been released yet and you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you develop your launch strategy, look no further: we’ll help you make your release a success and drive your download count.

Our Work

We strive to deliver the best for every single project. Take a look at some of our work.

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