Belmont Center

Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites

The Project

Belmont Center for Beaux-Arts Studies has the mission to promote and present professional historical research and educational programming in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, decorative arts, and other associated disciplines related to the American Renaissance Movement.

For it, it needed a proper classy website where it could showcase that and promote their work and a logo to match. We also worked with their digital marketing, always in a classy way as well!


Belmont Center had this beautiful classy aesthetic, so we wanted to highlight that, and also their passionate work for the education and preservation of such.

Our Graphic Design Team needed to keep that idea in mind, but give it an elegant and bright new design, both with the client’s web page, logo and marketing promotion.

The Results

Belmont Center

Our Strategy

We worked around the idea of what we had to showcase and the message behind it all. We took the classy vintage visuals and used them skillfully with modern tools. It was interesting to work with such an aesthetic and yet make a friendly user site, and work a modern online marketing. Modern strategies for a very classy client!

Technologies Used




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