Chat Robot

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Chat Robot is a full edge real-time bot system in Spanish, for webpages and social media.

The Problem

We wanted to deliver a fully responsive, engaging, and team-focused website that would showcase Chat Robot and get its message through to the client.

Not only creating a perfect first impression for Chat Robot and its brand, but also for the developers behind it and the way their project can help small business grow.

The Solution

We developed this webpage aiming to create the look & feel of a top-tech company, aiming at their conversion rate. We made as well the full design and implementation of their main system in #ReactJS, so check it out if you want!

The Results

Chat Robot

Branding & Design

With Chat Robot, we knew we had a lot of personality and style to convey; The whole project was full of energy and hard work. We wanted to help to make it shine through and merge both the family team aspect of its identity, and the work-driven enterprise it aimed to be known for.

Balancing everything out, and finding an engaging design made it possible to present Chat Robot as a user-friendly, team-driven, and unique modern tool.

Social Media

Using social customer service, we made Chat Robot deflect costly marketing calls and gave them a new way to update customers.

Helping them point them to the right areas of their website or to live chat, finding the best platform to find their targeted audience, and establish their presence.




As the role of search engines becomes as important as the opinion of journalists and influencers, Global Wizards uses a robust public relations (PR) strategy to harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

This way, our team created the needed content to help Chat Robot find the perfect marketing strategies to generate leads.

Web Development

Chat Robot

Mobile App Development

Chat Robot

Technologies Used










Ubuntu Server




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Google Cloud

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