Escribanía Canzani


The Project

Escribanía Canzani is a notary webpage in Spanish. With a clear design and focused on giving out a good look & feel, this website is aimed at creating a relationship of trust between the visitor and the professional.


We needed to create an image and website that looked professional and inviting to their customers, to make them say “I can trust in these people.”.

Global Wizard’s branding team had a clear idea and were focused on giving out a clean and rounded look, with an elegant logo and user-friendly design.

The Results

Escribanía Canzani

Our Strategy

Making a site that would sell itself, our staff designed an image that would flow with it completely. An elegant site for an elegant logo. Simply straightforward, professional and effective like the business we had to represent with it.

Technologies Used




GIT Versioning

Ubuntu Server

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