Inca Games

Graphical Design, Websites

The Project

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina Inca Games is the very first publisher in Latam, publishing video games from all Latin America to the rest of the world, they are producers and publishers of interactive content and a team of professional game industry veterans with more than 15 years of experience. Working on multiple projects and platforms.

We created their main webpage, and many of the games they publish! We also worked on press kits and many other graphical elements to help them reach their community.


With so many things to do, it was important to focus on the main objective, to showcase Inca Games hard work! The client had a modern concept to start from, but we had to part from there and establish an online platform for it.

A platform with itinerary, task assignment tools, expense management tools, and other necessary features needed to be integrated into the client-developed design.

The Results

Inca Games

Branding & Design

With Inca Games, we knew we had a lot of personality and style to convey; The whole project was full of energy and hard work. We wanted to help to make it shine through and merge both the family team aspect of its identity, and the work-driven enterprise it aimed to be known for.

Social Media

Using social customer service, we made Inca Games deflect costly marketing calls and gave them a new way to update customers.

Helping them point them to the right areas of their website or to live chat, finding the best platform to find their targeted audience, and establish their presence.


As the role of search engines becomes as important as the opinion of journalists and influencers, Global Wizards uses a robust public relations (PR) strategy to harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

This way, our team created the needed content to help Chat Robot find the perfect marketing strategies to generate leads.

Web Development

Inca Games

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