Jen Berot

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The Project

Jen Berot is an expert on Phototherapy. The project was to design her logo and branding, with a site that could show her work, classes, and her passion, showcasing her client’s testimonies through their treatment.

We decided to build a site that featured her pictures and experiences, with a peaceful style that could channel the business’s objectives.


The client needed to reinvent her brand, giving it a new image, with a new logo, Business Card, and a platform that showcased her work and her client’s testimonies.

Global Wizard’s team objective was to keep the soft and peaceful atmosphere her brand needed and also make the site professional looking, following the client’s ideas about the final design.

The Results


Branding & Design

With Jen Berot, we knew we had a lot of personality and style to convey; The whole project was full of energy and hard work. We wanted to help to make it shine through and merge both the family team aspect of its identity, and the work-driven enterprise it aimed to be known for.

Both on the webpage and while working on the logo, the Branding of Jen Berot’s idea and identity was very close to the client, giving the project the soft touch, creativity, and detail it needed.


As the role of search engines becomes as important as the opinion of journalists and influencers, Global Wizards uses a robust public relations (PR) strategy to harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

This way, our team created the needed content to help Jen Berot find the perfect marketing strategies to generate leads.

Web Development

Jen Berot

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