Chat Bots, Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites

The Project

Outsourcing.AI is a system where you can search for tech professionals. We make for them a great design for their needs, and create for them a AngularJS interface for their application. We as well create their #ChatBot for automated lead creation, Marketing Campaigns, Logo & Digital Brochures. Check them out!


Our team knew that to be successful, the site required an effective, sustained marketing strategy beyond presenting its services, images, videos, or other files. The website design had to focus on a very specific goal, which was to display a functional database, and show the interface of their application in the best way possible. We also needed to work on the project’s image and marketing, setting everything as measurable objectives to attain.

The Results


Our Strategy

First, our developers focused on the site’s objective, and it’s customers. It was important to make everything work as needed before giving it a proper design. We believe every website should run smoothly first and then we investigate how to make it shine, bring out the best aspects of its business and market it properly. One step at a time! 

Technologies Used




GIT Versioning

Ubuntu Server



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