Venta Segura

Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Websites

The Project

“Secure Sell” in English, this company brings payment gateways for car buyers and sellers. They as well have a system to do a follow-up of all their clients to have the highest loyalty possible.


We wanted to showcase the benefits of using the client’s platform and service. It was important to highlight how Venta Segura was able to help in the process of Selling and Buying cars and make the app user-friendly and modern looking for the business purposes.

Working on both the webpage and apps, Global Wizards was able to merge the styles of both and had a more focused objective.

The Results

Venta Segura

Our Strategy

We made a functional app to sell with a functional webpage, with a proper database and interface that could be modified at any time as needed. They were both designed to match statically but work separately, integrating a very professional look with a more modern and colorful approach.

Technologies Used




GIT Versioning

Ubuntu Server



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