VP Solutions

Digital Marketing, Graphical Design, Websites

The Project

VP Solutions job is to coach their clients and teach them how to achieve their personal and professional goals, they help customers become more productive in a solutions-based environment.

So we needed to show how well our team of professionals could work on their branding, logo, and web design! What a challenge!


Global Wizard’s branding team had a question to answer, How to convey and showcase the same energy and feeling the client was giving to their business?

The objective was to shock the user, give them the first taste of what they need to make their business feel less dull and oppressive. We had to work with their existent logo and colors, so we had to accomplish that with the tools given, that meant more challenges for our Graphic Design and Web design teams!

The Results

VP Solutions

Our Strategy

Our staff worked with their image and incredible energy to make it stand out, we had to showcase the playful approach and passion on their team driven project. We created a colorful site for them, with a fluid layout and a welcoming disposition. It was important to display everything their business could offer, from coaching, to production management, focusing on their creativeness, boldness, and progressiveness.

Technologies Used




GIT Versioning

Ubuntu Server



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