YouTube new update includes a “Search Insights” tool

YouTube new update allows creators to have more access to data related to people’s searches and their estimated volume.

YouTube new update includes a “Search Insights” tool to maximize your content efforts

YouTube is working on a new search feature that will allow users to see what people look for in relation to their channel and content, as well as more general queries. Each element is key for content planning.

The new feature called ‘Search Insights’ is currently in testing and will be eventually available in users’ Analytics/Research tab. It will display two separated tabs for general queries research.

YouTube new update offers "Seach Insights"
YouTube new update includes a “Search Insights” tool 4

The first tab will show you insights into what people who regularly view your content are also looking for on YouTube. This is a really cool way to get ideas for future videos and topics that will resonate well with your audience.

YouTube Search Insights is a valuable tool for all YouTube creators to see what people have been searching for in the past 28 days. Key topics of interest, the overall search volume of those topics and the amount of traffic your channel obtained on each query are some of the examples.

YouTube news 1
YouTube new update includes a “Search Insights” tool 5

On the second tab, which is called “Searches Across YouTube”, users will be able to obtain information about the most common search queries according to different keywords. There is an option called “Content Gaps Only” that will narrow the list to some of the most searched terms that do not have a correlating YouTube video for the moment. Consider this as a valuable tool that offers a new opportunity for your approach.

YouTube latest update will help you improve your content efforts to align with new trends. However, the company says that Search Insights is still being tested, and will soon be rolled out to a bigger audience.

YouTube screen
YouTube new update includes a “Search Insights” tool 6

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