Meet Global Wizards’ New AI Art Generator, the new AI art generator from Global Wizards

Have you ever seen those AI art generators online where you can put in a prompt or picture and spit out a new stunning work of art in minutes? If you’re curious about how they work or just want to see some cool examples of the results, we’ve got you covered. 

Conjuration is a revolutionary new tool from Wizards Studio (a branch of Global Wizards) that will make waves in the marketing world.  Whether you’re looking for unique visuals for your next campaign or want to add an extra touch of flair to your social media posts, makes it simple for marketers to create engaging visuals that capture their audience’s attention

So, what exactly is, and how can you use it to create your own visual content? Let’s find out!

The arrival of AI-generated art

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. With algorithms becoming increasingly sophisticated in their capabilities and some notable applications, AIs are transforming the way we understand and interact with the world.

Unexpectedly, artificial intelligence has also arrived in the creative field.  AI art generators have emerged as desirable collaborators in artistic creation. Artists and autonomous robots collaborate with each other to generate new visual works, pushing the boundaries of creativity

What is AI-generated art?

AI art refers to any type of artwork that has been created with the help of artificial intelligence. This can include anything. From generative art, which uses algorithms to create new images, to machine learning-based art, which involves training a computer to recognize and reproduce certain patterns or styles.

AI-generated art is the result of a collaboration between an artist and an AI system. To create AI-generated art, like an AI-generated character art or an AI-generated painting, artists use AI as a creative tool

To achieve this, they work with algorithms to establish specific rules by which the machines analyze thousands of images to understand a given creation process. Thanks to this data, the algorithms produce new shapes, figures, and patterns, thus creating new pieces of artwork

How to Make AI Art?

All AI-generated art is created through a machine-learning process that involves the use of an advanced algorithm. More specifically, in order for the AI to give us new content, the user needs to enter a string of words, sometimes with the help of an AI art prompt generator, that it provides as an indication in the AI art generator.

Every time the user enters a string of words (regardless of whether they are new or the same), they invariably get a completely different and unexpected result. This is what makes creating AI-generated art an unpredictable and exciting experience! And a super useful tool for the digital marketing world.

Let’s see some examples of prompts and art derived from an AI art prompt generator and what results we get from Like all the avatars of alternative universes of our CEO, Fernando Polti, that you can imagine: 

How to use AI-generated art for your benefit?

New technologies help us manage our world in very useful ways. Like any new tool, working with an AI art generator has pros and cons. But finding the benefits in every tool that is presented to us on a daily basis, in the end, the results are definitely worth it.

Handling repetitive tasks

Artistic production work requires many repetitive tasks. Unfortunately, such tasks often consume a lot of time and energy, leaving us exhausted. Struggling with tasks that are too repetitive can easily affect creative ability. Getting stuck in a cyclical task also affects our productivity, taking time away from focusing on more important tasks.

An AI art generator can allow you to automate those routine tasks, eliminating the boring part of the creation process and reducing your to-do list in a matter of minutes. By automating repetitive tasks, you’ll have plenty of time to work.

Improve Creativity

AI-generated art can act as a great source of inspiration. If you’re having trouble coming up with a concept, or you want to know how a piece might look, you can prompt AI art generator to create something similar to what’s been requested.

Maybe you need to find a unique visual style for your next marketing campaign. Or perhaps you’re looking to add a fresh twist to your social media posts that will make you stand out from competitors. An AI art generator like Conjuration can give you just the push you need to grab your audience’s attention. Such as these possible new logos we designed for Wizards, where magic is always present.

Quick and easy

AI-generated images can also be utilitarian. Many times we come across unique visual assignments for which stock image sites are not enough. For example, finding a picture of a capybara playing soccer. You could search the stock photo markets for a usable image made by a human artist. 

But a one-off assignment like this rarely yields a pre-existing image. And, even if we found it, its copyright status might be questionable or expensive. It’s cheaper, faster, and probably much more appropriate to generate a unique, custom image thanks to the help of an AI art generator in a few minutes that you can then use freely

A picture of a capybara playing soccer made by

Why is AI-Generated Art So Controversial?

We are constantly debating what art is and what art is not. And it is not new to admit that many people believe that typing words into a digital tool and hitting a button to create art, letting artificial intelligence do all the work, is essentially cheating. But, no AI art generator can make decisions without the help of a person.

The creative processes won’t be going away anytime soon. Artistic creativity, even for AI-generated art, involves choosing the materials needed for the project, coming up with an idea of what to create, and deciding the message intended to reach an audience

The truth is: although AI art generators can analyze data unpredictably and attract attention to different factors that might escape the human eye, they aren’t autonomous. The relationship between artists and their work remains unchanged.

This tool allows us to obtain images that complement the creativity of the artists, like in this cute image of a Wizard cat:

Picture of a wizard cat made by

Can I Make AI-Generated Art?

Yes, absolutely. AI-Generated art is changing the landscape of art and design in a big way, and in modes we have yet to comprehend. It’s a complex process, but the end result is definitely worth it. So if you’re in need of some unique and stunning artwork, don’t hesitate to try Wizards Studio’s new tool, Conjuration.AI, and let your imagination run wild


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