7 tips to create the best SMS marketing campaigns


SMS marketing has been on the rise for years and mobile devices are one of its most prominent factors. Companies can send messages through texts, making this form of advertisement accessible at all times.

Businesses can also send SMS to a larger group of people with just one click and enhance engagement with their audience. It’s easy, quick, efficient, and just a perfect way to reach more clients than ever before!

Generally, SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective practices to gain attention. It helps businesses to improve customer engagement levels while boosting their key performance indicators (KPIs).

SMS marketing is all about connecting with your customers. It requires businesses to rely on a strong database that is made up of clients’ names, phone numbers and other important information such as customer categories or interests.


Best 7 SMS Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Grow

As we said before, SMS marketing is a powerful tool for businesses. If you’re planning to launch an SMS marketing campaign, consider following these best 7 SMS marketing tips that will help your business gain your customers’ attention.

  • Choose the right timing

One of the most significant details of SMS marketing is your messages’ timing. Always keep in mind that clients may prefer to receive an SMS at certain times, especially if they’re from other countries.

According to many experienced marketers’, the best moments to engage your clients and get a favorable response is during the morning and the afternoon hours -10.30 am and 2.30 pm precisely.

Notice that even though sending messages in the morning may be a strategy to stay ahead of your competitors, you shouldn’t do it to excess.

  • Create easy-to-understand messages

Creative SMS marketing is based on the uniqueness of the message sent and also on its coherence. To carry out a successful SMS marketing campaign, take into consideration the length and the complexity of the message, the shorter and simpler, the better.

Try not to use slang language or expressions that are difficult to understand. Also, if you want your messages to stand out, check their readability and consistency.

Don’t forget to emphasize the actions you expect of your clients by adding a “call to action” message.

  • Provide context

Due to the limitation in the number of characters allowed in SMS, it is often difficult for businesses to keep their message informative. However, it is important to find a structure that provides some context to your messages, such as the company name, the client’s name, the products, or services that your company offers and any other relevant aspects.

  • Optimize your schedule

SMS marketing lets you promote your company’s products or services in an easier way compared to the traditional ways of marketing. Using SMS marketing, you can keep an eye on your business promotions and boost results at the same time without having to be in a physical workplace.

Bulk SMS campaigns are challenging to manage, but sending your messages in smaller batches and avoiding overloading systems will help you improve operations. Choose the appropriate SMS platform for your business and schedule your messages in advance easily.

  • Send different messages

Don’t spam your customers with the same message twice. Make sure that they receive relevant and consistent content, even if you can’t use traditional marketing techniques.

We know that building a creative and engaging SMS campaign sometimes might be difficult, so Global Wizards’ piece of advice is to show customers all the promotions you are conducting and the different products or services that your company offers.

  • Identify your target audience

When you’re running an SMS marketing campaign, the messages that reach your prospective clients need to be persuasive enough so as to turn them into loyal customers.

You can’t market your business to its fullest potential without a customer base. But having a customer base doesn’t mean sending text messages to anyone. You will obtain better results if you include only the people who decided to receive that sort of news and updates in your marketing campaign.

It’s also important that you dedicate extra time or resources to clients who trust your business and actively participate in your marketing campaigns. Ask them for feedback, both good and bad, to improve your products and learn more about want they want.

  • Customize messages

You are likely to have better results if you create messages that sound familiar and personal to clients. It is essential that your messages are tailored for each individual, so it would be wise to include the name of the recipient in order to make them feel appreciated.

If you know your customers’ preferences and what they like, then it’s easier to target them with the right message. Once you create a better relationship with your audience, you will notice the impact on conversion rates.


Experts in SMS marketing campaigns

Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to conduct an SMS marketing campaign than ever before. The best way to ensure the success of your campaign is by being aware of all possible alternatives and who you should work with.

Consider reaching out to experienced marketers and service providers if you’re having difficulty achieving your marketing goals. Also, consider applying the tips we mentioned above, as they will be useful to achieve your marketing purposes!

Global Wizards will help your business discover its true potential and will deliver the best SMS marketing campaigns so that your company stays ahead of the game.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional advertising, then look no further! Our digital marketing agency has a specialized team in creative SMS marketing that utilizes custom strategies to obtain top-notch results.

Take a look at our blog to read more interesting posts about the digital marketing world. You can also share your next project with us, we will make it a reality! Leave us a message and we will contact you briefly.

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