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Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry

More and more health professionals are aware of the importance of marketing in healthcare industry. Global Wizards tells all about it!

The importance of marketing in healthcare industry lies in the advantages it offers to healthcare companies and professionals.

Digital marketing offers medical technology companies powerful ways to increase engagement with healthcare professionals and fulfill their changing needs.

The rising role of digital marketing

Medtech healthcare companies are essential for medical therapies development as they play a vital role in improving patient outcomes and healthcare services delivery.

In the last period, many professionals had to shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare professionals were not the exception. With the passing of time, remote work and digital communications turned out to be a more comfortable option for medtech companies to better engage with health professionals and to develop digital marketing strategies as well as e-commerce and virtual sales channels.

The importance of marketing in healthcare industry has been taken into account by numerous healthcare companies that started to design and implement marketing campaigns via email, SMS, social media and other channels.

The importance of marketing in healthcare industry has been taken into account by companies that switched to remote work
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 9

Besides, many healthcare companies required expert services on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) apart from other digital marketing services like social media management, web-platform management and app management.

The evolution of digital marketing is such that Global Wizards noticed that around 80 out of 100 companies spend more money now on digital marketing than they did 5 years ago. According to recent surveys, it is expected that in the next few years companies will dedicate around 40 percent of their marketing budget to digital marketing.

Our company strives to deliver complete online marketing services to many verticals, including the healthcare industry, to help them better connect with their customers and increase each business’s potential.

How does a medtech healthcare company use marketing budgets?

The most successful companies in the medtech industry allocate their fundings to four key areas: product release, lead generation, analytics and omnichannel campaigns.

Product release

The great majority of medical technology products are now launched via digital channels. Many companies use email and social media campaigns to show their clients their new products. Some other alternatives are online conferences or SMS marketing campaigns.

product launch
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 10

social media campaign
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 11

Lead generation

As healthcare professionals adopted remote interactions, medtech healthcare companies increased the usage of digital marketing to identify and cultivate potential customers. Companies, in general, believe email marketing campaigns are the most effective channel to generate new opportunities during launch. Social media campaigns come after email campaigns in terms of preference.


Data and analytics are the keys to success for any company looking to expand its reach and gain new customers. Digital marketing campaigns work best when they’re augmented with analytics that provides invaluable insight into how people interact with your content, what kind of ads convert most often among different demographics (age group), which keywords might not be getting clicked on but still show up in search trends, among other aspects. Analytics is a vital part of any marketing plan to make informed decisions.

Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 12

In addition, analytics helps medtech healthcare companies reach professionals with product solutions to complement their current purchases. Some life-sciences companies are using machine learning (ML) to create integrated data pipelines and help sales reps segmenting and prioritizing each account.

customer engagement
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 13

Omnichannel campaigns

Omnichannel marketing campaigns help companies to become accessible across online and offline channels. These campaigns focus on customers and ensure they have an integrated, seamless experience on each channel. Some of the main benefits of using omnichannel marketing campaigns are increments in revenue, cohesive brand strategy and identity and better user experience.

Medtech health companies should avoid these 5 common mistakes!

Digital marketing is proven to be an essential part of any marketing campaign. However, medtech healthcare companies should pay attention to 5 common obstacles if they want to maximize their efforts.

  • Don’t use digital marketing in isolation

The move to an omnichannel approach requires companies not only to manage their digital marketing efforts but also to link them with other channels such as inside sales and face-to-face reps.

Effective communication with healthcare professionals requires a clear understanding of the purpose and engagement method for each interaction.

Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 14
  • Define a central organization

Best-practice companies set up a central unit to drive the whole marketing strategy and create quality content according to it. Then, each region will be in charge of adjusting that content to fit the regulatory requirements.

  • Look after digital capabilities and tools

Creating a digital marketing strategy requires a talented team that should include a digital marketing lead, specialized designers for UX and UI, data analysts, campaign and channel experts and product owners.

In addition to talent, companies need a digital marketing platform that is incorporated into their CRM system. This will be useful for campaign optimization, analysis of conversion rates, digital analytics and more.

Global Wizards’ interdisciplinary team looks after every detail of your marketing campaign to ensure your company stands out from de rest.

talented team 1
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 15
  • Don’t forget to look at performance metrics

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for companies to reach their target audiences and create an engaging experience. However, without rigorous monitoring, it will be difficult for a company to measure the impact marketing has at regional levels.

It is important to define and track KPIs (Key performance indicators) to make efforts in the right direction and achieve intended goals with positive investment results.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of digital engagement

Healthcare professionals invest in digital solutions such as social media business platforms, networking platforms, online communities and search engines. They should have a specialized team that oversees the digital strategy to track engagement and identify trends.

healthcare professionals
Here is the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry 16

Power up your digital marketing with Global Wizards

It is clear that digital marketing helps medtech companies reach healthcare professionals to offer new products and services. Developing a strong digital marketing strategy takes time and effort but is really worth it.

Global Wizards is a digital marketing company with lots of experience in the medtech industry that offers the best IT solutions for healthcare industry. Our services guarantee effective engagement and outstanding results.

If you want to know more about us, take a look at our services and our best cases. You can also visit our blog to read all about the digital marketing world or contact us for a 30-minute consultation.

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