How to reach your target audience with top email marketing tools

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There are many benefits of using this advanced form of marketing in your business; however, the most important one is that you can reach customers on their own timeline. Keep on reading to see Global Wizards’ latest trends on email marketing solutions!

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to promote your business and what it has to offer, communicate directly, and inspire customer action through email invitations or notifications sent using the latest in internet technology. It is a fast and affordable way for small and large businesses to promote their products or services encouraging customers to visit their website.

An email campaign usually offers marketers the ability to track each message delivered and opened by recipients (via clickthroughs) in real-time. This data allows entrepreneurs to see which emails are getting more responses than others so they can optimize their campaigns accordingly for better performance.

Email marketing benefits

Now that you know what email marketing is for, let’s explore some of the top reasons why marketers love using these platforms.

  • Cost-effectiveness

If you’re looking for a way to take your business online, then look no further. The vast majority of these platforms offer affordable monthly rates and even free plans for a limited number of subscribers so it’s easier than ever!

  • Ease of use

Create engaging and professional emails with pre-designed templates, just drag and drop! It’s easy to see why many companies prefer this type of service, as it saves a lot of time for them.

  • Targeted marketing

The best email marketing platforms help you better target your campaigns by offering the possibility to segment your list of subscribers.

  • Better understanding customer behavior

Campaign tracking options allow you to understand your customers’ needs and desires.

  • Boosting brand awareness and strengthening brand loyalty

Raise your brand’s visibility and increase its value by sending out nicely crafted, well-conceived emails that are more than just another sales pitch.

Some aspects to consider when choosing the right email marketing service for your business


Most email platforms offer a limited number of messages and progressive pricing packages. This means that your payment will depend on the number of subscribers. However, you can even find email platforms, like Sendinblue, that offer free unlimited contact storage.

email Support

Before purchasing online marketing services pay special attention to support availability. If you are a beginner in the marketing world you may struggle with technical glitches, so check if your choice offers full-time support.

Sendinblue Campaign Settings

The best email software providers offer custom interfaces that are easy to use, allowing anyone to set up a campaign and build engaging newsletters. 

You need to be sure that your emails don’t trigger any red flags from the email providers. That is why email marketing software also has tools that will warn you if there are words in your text that might set off spam filters and get past them.

loading=lazy Campaign Tracking

Email marketing software offers users the option to track results for a better understanding of customer behavior. Sendinblue features marketing automation, so you can maximize your email campaign.


Why Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is one of the most budget-friendly tools we’ve tried because it offers a generous free plan. This email marketing software is really easy and chaos-free to use. It is simply beyond our expectations.

Sendinblue helps companies keep in touch with their contacts through marketing automation, email marketing, transactional emails and more. The company’s strength is not limited to performance, but also support. Its budget accommodates your needs with world-class assistance.

Reach out to more people through Sendinblue’s email marketing software that can be used in conjunction with other popular apps, such as Slack or Salesforce CRM.

The best features of Sendinblue are the A/B testing tool which allows you to test different versions of your message to see which one performs better, the template builder which enables you to design your own template in minutes without any technical skills needed and the built-in CRM system with contact management and lead scoring.

Sendinblue Pricing

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3 alternatives to Sendinblue

The email marketing platform that ticks all the boxes is going to be most effective in growing your business, that is why you should always shop around to find the one that best fits.

We know finding the right online marketing tools can cause you terrible headaches so we made a short comparison based on user’s opinions with some Sendinblue alternatives for you.


Mailchimp offers professional email tools to grow your business. It allows users to create relevant and engaging emails using pre-designed templates and a drop and drag builder.

You can also send transactional emails and reach the right person at right time using marketing automations.


Mailchimp content studio was designed for you to store and manage all your images and files so you can always find what you need for your campaigns.

Main difference with Sendinblue

With Sendinblue, the price of your email list is not based on how many contacts are in it, but rather on the number of emails sent. It is great because it allows customers to have a limitless contact list without having to pay additional fees. Sendinblue lets you store an unlimited number of contacts across all its plans. This means that if you like, your entire contact list can be stored! No matter how big your email list grows, this will not impact the pricing.

On the other hand, platforms like MailChimp charge per contact stored and if there is a contact on two lists, it counts as two contacts. Using Sendinblue there is no worry about growing your database.


ActiveCampaign lets you set up beautiful emails in just a few clicks. It offers tools to customize your message and send targeted emails to a segmented audience.

ActiveCampaign’s reporting feature helps you see which emails are performing and the ones that need work. This will help increase your email engagement rates, ultimately enabling you to create more effective marketing campaigns in the future.


One cool characteristic of this email marketing tool is that you can upload unlimited images for your campaign.

Main difference with Sendinblue

Sendinblue is designed for small and medium businesses mainly, which is why using Active Campaign might be overkill for some entrepreneurs. Also, if you choose ActiveCampaign services you need to constantly modify your list of contacts as you scale because it can get pricey, as we said before.


MailerLite allows you to build professional and beautiful newsletters on your own. Some of MailerLite’s features include website builder, landing pages, pop-ups and embedded forms that help users attract new people from across the Internet.

This email marketing tool also lets you optimize your campaigns with an option to deliver emails depending on the time zone and another option that auto resends unopened emails.


Besides, MailerLite offers a wide variety of options to grow your subscribers and therefore, your business.

Main difference with Sendinblue

MailerLite reserves the right to suspend your account if you don’t have a high enough delivery rate.

Instead, Sendinblue knows that entering the market might be overwhelming so they optimize your processes with advanced email functionality that lets you know when email recipients opened the emails you sent. This will determine factors that can be improved to boost engagement.

Take an expert’s word about it

Digital marketing in today’s world makes email marketing tools essential for your work. If you are willing to take your business to another level, we strongly encourage you to try out any of the options we discussed in this article.

According to Global Wizards’ experience, Sendinblue checks all the boxes we have in mind for an effective email marketing tool mainly because of its great cost-benefit ratio.

It definitely improved our way of communicating with clients and simplified our daily tasks!

Get started with sendinblue now!

If you are looking for further information, visit our webpage and feel free to contact us for more details.


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