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Marketing automation is key to growing your business as it saves time and money. Keep reading and learn more about business process automation software!

What is marketing automation?

When we talk about marketing automation, we refer to software platforms that enable businesses to automate marketing engagement processes and sales engagement processes to generate more leads. Using marketing business process automation software, companies manage their time effectively within the budget.


How marketing automation benefits your business

Business process automation software has many advantages. Global Wizards listed some of the main pros of using marketing automation.

  • Efficiency

Rather than wasting time manually posting on social media, automation software can take care of those posts for you, as it saves time and effort by automating manual tasks. This frees up your team’s time so they’re not constantly doing tedious work. Instead, they can focus on more important projects.

  • Better qualified leads

It has been proven that when it comes to generating sales-qualified leads, combining multiple criteria with a lead scoring system is key. Using business process automation software it’s easy to explore what consumers are looking for and show them the best offer at just the right time!

  • Reach your audience on every channel

With marketing automation, you will reach your audience on different channels and devices. You will be able to target potential clients with personalized ads on every social media platform or send a company-wide email campaign in no time at all!

  • Alignment of sales and marketing

Using the same software for sales and marketing automation will allow you to align the company’s goals. By working cooperatively, sales and marketing will help the company achieve its goals faster than ever before!

  • Conversion rate improvement

Your marketing automation software will be useful to track your leads and retarget them to turn into customers. This is a great tool for those who need some assistance in conversion rates, as it can also be used to extract data about the people that are interested in your business.

Let’s talk about Vbout

VBOUT is an all-in-one, robust and easy-to-use marketing automation platform. It is great to automate and manage all marketing tasks.

The platform integrates social media, landing pages, lead management and email marketing into one convenient system. It also has analytics to help you track your progress!

VBOUT offers the possibility to manage all from just one place. It’s user friendly and has awesome features, some of which are listed below:


VBOUT’s ready-made templates are perfect for marketers who want to run workflows and increase their efficiency without putting in any extra time or effort into building them.

You can automate repetitive tasks in seconds without having any programming skills whatsoever! The platform’s drag & drop visual workflow builder lets you create powerful workflows that automate your repeated marketing tasks with ease.


If you want to make sure that your leads are getting the best customer experience, then connecting all of your channels is a must. Create a seamless customer experience, with cross-channel automation!


Lead management

Design stunning and attractive forms on your website with VBOUT’s easy-to-use form builder. With its drag & drop interface, you can customize the appearance of your lead capture forms for landing pages or popups.

With VBOUT, you can import unlimited contacts and segment them into specific lists using smart filters. Manage your whole list from one place without having to jump between multiple sites or platforms.

This automation software helps you to discover insights into your customer’s behavior to make smarter decisions and improve the quality of your service. VBOUT’s Integrated Lead Intelligence tools will help you get a more complete picture of your website visitors. For instance, IP Locator will tell you where they are coming from and what browser or device they’re using so that you know how to best communicate with them.

VBOUT’s Lead Scoring is great to help you focus on your leads based on their progress, to become more effective and to obtain top results.

VBOUT is committed to making your life easier by providing cutting-edge technology. The platform offers an integrated meeting scheduler. With this tool, finding the optimal date and time for meetings couldn’t get any simpler. Also, it lets you share a link so guests can easily pick their preferred date and time, which will be automatically set in Google Calendar in real-time! 

Email marketing

Creating an email campaign from scratch can be a time-consuming process. Email marketing tools became an essential part of any business.

With VBOUT’s ready-to-use templates and pre-designed blocks, you can create email campaigns in minutes! You have the option of uploading your HTML or design campaigns using custom layouts.

The best way to make your emails stand out is by personalizing them with merge tags and adding active content such as animated GIFs, countdowns, CTA buttons or “Add-to-calendar” events.


Boost your email performance and deliverability by previewing them across a range of devices, browsers, and clients before sending. VBOUT offers in-depth analytics and A/B testing to optimize your campaign engagement.


Lead management

VBOUT lets you create fully responsive landing pages with just the click of a button. You can also customize pre-designed blocks to match your business’ branding, or upload an HTML template and change it any way that suits you.

The platform lets you white-label your landing pages. Choose from using your own domain names or using VBOUT’s default URL, all from one place.

It is advisable to keep people’s attention by personalizing your landing pages. VBOUT has the option to change content based on your visitor’s data to enhance conversations.

VBOUT integrates landing pages with other tools to better reach and engage potential customers! This platform helps companies tailor both customer engagement and conversion rates through integrations such as automation, email marketing, lead scoring, user tracking and analytics features for deeper insights into how people interact with your site.

Social media management

Social media management tools let you create a variety of posts to be published across different social media networks.

With VBOUT, it is easy to focus all your efforts in one place instead of managing many accounts separately. Control all your social media channels from just one platform without having to manage them individually. Using this business process automation software, you will have the option of organizing different social media profiles into groups or assigning multiple brands and profiles to team members for a better experience.


You can’t take a break when it comes to social media. Using VBOUT you will be able to monitor all your profiles and interact with your followers from any device at any time. VBOUT knows it is hard to keep up with all the conversations happening with so many social media channels, that is why it helps you to check all your social media pages and build stronger bonds with your followers across all your profiles from a single platform. Set up recurring content and schedule specific posts ahead of time with the click of a button!

Using business process automation software you will discover how well you’re doing on your social media channels with deep insights and analytics. Keep track of all the metrics that you care about, check out what people are saying by using hashtags or keywords geo-search.



Monitor all your business activities from VBOUT’s platform with a variety of tools and channels that it offers. Check that everything on your website, social media profiles and email campaigns are up to date, making sure leads convert into sales and landing pages lead people where they need to go.

Focus on what is the most important to you. This platform lets you build a personal dashboard, or multiple dashboards for your team members, selecting from over 30 drag & drop reporting widgets. Add your favorite metrics, calendars, lists, funnels and visualize your KPIs.

Another cool feature of VBOUT is that it allows you to create custom parameters to track and measure your business objectives based on your specific needs and schedule them to be sent automatically. You also have the option of sharing it with a public URL or exporting it into PDF format for easy printing.



VBOUT’s Professional Plan offers unlimited contacts in lead management’s lists, unlimited social profiles to manage social media, unlimited landing pages to create, automation, unlimited analytics reports, custom branding and 5000 personalized emails per month -with the possibility to send up to 500,000 emails per month-.

You can book a 14-day free trial for free with no obligation whatsoever, there is no contract and no need to use a credit card. Experience the benefits that VBOUT offers on your own!

Take an expert’s opinion

Global Wizards considers VBOUT is an excellent tool because it is easy to use, offers unlimited contacts and it has flexible plans. 

The platform turns out to be essential for many industries such as eCommerce, education, enterprise, small businesses, and SaaS as it saves time and effort.

VBOUT has a personalized and dedicated support team that will help you get the best experience and results and a FAQs section that is very useful to make the first steps into the automation world.

Global Wizards is constantly checking and trying out new software alternatives for you to choose the best option. Visit our blog to find related articles or check us out on Instagram and Facebook. You can also leave us a message to share comments and get further information!


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