2024 Trends: The main iGaming and Tech Events

2024 Trends

New year is just around the corner and no one wants to be left behind by the new trends to come. That’s why we’ll tell you the pivotal events shaping 2024 trends in iGaming and tech. Join us as we unravel the pulse-pounding advancements defining the future of the industry, from the electrifying SBC to the grandeur of G2E

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The importance of the iGaming and Tech Events

Attendance at these events is essential for anyone in the software development, iGaming, or even gambling industry, as they provide the knowledge that any industry leader or entrepreneur needs to keep up with 2024 trends. Among others, we can highlight the following advantages that these kinds of events offer:

  • Exclusive Insights into Industry Trends: These events offer a firsthand look at the direction of the industry. Discover upcoming trends, market shifts, and the latest innovations before they hit the mainstream. Gain a competitive edge by being one step ahead of the curve.
  • Networking with Top Professionals: Rub shoulders with industry experts, leaders, and like-minded professionals. Forge connections that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, or mentorships. Networking opens doors to new opportunities and invaluable relationships.
  • Access to Groundbreaking Technologies: Experience and interact with the latest tech advancements firsthand. From AI-driven solutions to immersive gaming experiences, witnessing these technologies in action provides a deeper understanding of their potential applications.
  • Knowledge from Keynote Speakers: Learn from the best in the field. Keynote speakers often share insights, strategies, and success stories that can inspire and guide your business decisions. Gain wisdom from those who have navigated the industry’s challenges.
  • Partnership and Collaboration Opportunities: These events serve as a hub for potential collaborations. Whether it’s finding new software development partners, gaming content providers, or business alliances, these gatherings are fertile ground for forging mutually beneficial relationships.

In this dynamic and fast-paced industry, staying ahead is essential. Wizards Services offers tailored solutions and expertise to help you capitalize on these opportunities. Contact us now to leverage our insights and propel your business toward success in the iGaming and tech spheres!

This premier event brings together industry leaders and specialists, exploring market entries, localized marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technologies shaping the region’s betting and gaming landscape. 

SBC 2023
Our CEO, Fernando Polti, at the SBC 2023, where Wizards achieved the Rising Star in Casino Silver Award

Experience dynamic discussions, insightful sessions, and the power of networking through SBC Connect Plus. Don’t miss the opportunity and get your ticket to step into the heart of Latin America’s gaming revolution at SBC Summit Latinoamérica 2024, from November 5 to 7 in Miami.

SBC USA: Elevating iGaming

Mark your calendar for SBC Summit North America, from May 7 to 9 in New Jersey. This isn’t just a conference; it’s the pulse of the thriving online betting and gaming industry in the US and Canada. Top executives converge to dissect industry growth, tackle challenges, and seize opportunities

Elevate your experience with each ticket granting access to SBC Connect Plus, a powerful AI-driven event app facilitating invaluable networking. Get your tickets to shape the future of gaming and keep updated with the 2024 trends in your industry!

At the Global Gaming Expo, you could explore the forefront of gaming innovation. Scheduled from October 7-10 at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, this event serves as a nexus for industry advancement, offering a platform for immersive learning and networking to stay ahead in the Gaming Trends of 2024

Panel Building a Latino Casino Brand in G2E 2022 1024x576 1 Wizards
The G2E is an excellent oportunity to explore the forefront of gaming innovation

From education sessions spanning to cutting-edge technologies and trends, this is a key event to keep updated with the 2024 trends in iGaming. Don’t miss the chance to discover unparalleled insights, forge strategic alliances, and unlock a spectrum of business growth opportunities within the global gaming landscape.

Embracing Tomorrow With Wizards

As we conclude, remember the invaluable insights gleaned from the 2024 trendsetting events in iGaming, Gambling, and Tech. Staying ahead demands continuous adaptation, and Wizards Services stands ready to support your industries with the latest trends and methods. 

Embrace these learnings, fortify your strategies, and propel your businesses toward sustained success. The future beckons, and with informed decisions, your path to innovation remains clear. Contact us today, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and don’t miss the opportunity to keep your business updated with the 2024 trends.


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