All About 2022 Graphic Design Trends!

All About 2022 Graphic Design Trends!

When it comes to 2022 graphic design trends, everything looks new, innovative and spectacular. The future is bright and you shouldn’t be left out of it! We’ll keep you up to date with the top 2022 graphic design trends for this coming year.

Graphic designers are always on the lookout for new trends to be inspired by. In 2022, we will welcome a lot of fantastic new developments in graphic design that will help your business attract the audience’s attention!

Here’s our top 10 list of graphic design trends:


In 2022 we’ll be witnesses to the continued evolution of 3D design into something more than just a new way to work around space.

A combination of 2D and 3D visuals is going to be the trend of the year. New formats from illustration to animation, web design, and typography that will change design as we know it and for sure will be of vital importance in your 2022 graphic design repertoire.



With such a variety of fonts available and a myriad of tools available to help you pick & choose, you would be surprised at how one simple seamless change in your font can create an entirely new look for your design! There are many cool and creative ways to refresh your project, and graphic designers put their own personal twist by revamping the definition of color or texture.

This 2022 is all about breaking the rules. Turning one single letter upside down, making it bigger or smaller, radically changing its font, anything goes!

At Global Wizards, our team recommends using kinetic typography! It is an amazing technique that can be used to show off logos and signature graphics with style and guaranteed impact.



In addition to the 2D and 3D mashup in your 2022 graphic design trends, you shouldn’t stop trying a realistic use of glass and crystals. The new Windows 11 fluent design system could be the perfect partner for this transparent glass trend. This graphic design trend is undoubtedly for those who not only want their designs to be elegant and sophisticated but to spearhead into the future!



To stand out from the crowd, graphic designers have to be more bold and creative than ever. If you want to be successful, you need to grab your audience’s attention. But how? Try by using vibrant eye-candy color schemes!

Illustrations, web design, typography, and animation, they’re all better with attractive candy colors. So don’t be afraid to overdo it and add candy to everything!



The risograph art is making a comeback both physically and digitally as an aesthetic design trend worth diving into! Whereas the original risograph from decades before was for office copying and administrative use, this 2022 graphic design trend has made its changes to become a tool more likely to be used by artists and designers, and you may want to consider it to create some abstract work such as brand-new posters and ads.

Risograph is an extremely risky and fun technique. First, you have to design a paper stencil that goes around the ink drum so the printer can make a stamp of each color and create a puzzle-like image. The results are totally unexpected and the process itself turns out to be fun and unique! Graphic designers are starting to re-use this digitally, give it a try!



The comeback of art deco implies bringing back symmetry, geometry, and simple but aesthetically pleasing works. Wes Anderson and his quite unique direction and art style can be a perfect example of this!

This 2022 trend has managed to evolve art deco, from architecture to digital designs, creating incredible posters, illustrations, business cards, and even full-blown websites.



The art of paper cutting has made its way into the digital world, now you can create intricate designs on your computer with just a few clicks! Mixing both digital and physical work will help you develop your original ideas. Graphic designers are now starting to use paper cutouts in wishing cards, books, and now in websites and animations.



Every 2022 graphic design trend we’ve talked about before can be partnered with some cheering 3D characters. Original but safe, adding these figures to your designs can make it way interesting!



Bags, nail polishes, shoes, and much more! Holographic design is now all over the place, and the graphic design industry isn’t the exception! With its utopian and futuristic style, adding a hint of pastel coloring, here is the blueprint for a really exciting High Tech 2022 design!



The 60ies and 70s were filled with colorful trippy designs. So don’t be afraid of reexploring this trend in 2022! Since the birth of psychedelic art until now, it has been an immortal design that won’t fade away anytime soon- so keep experimenting by using its colors or animations for anything you want to do on your web page.


Try on all these 2022 graphic design trends and innovate with your designs! We are sorcerers when it comes to graphic design and we will help your business grow in ways you never thought possible. Stay tuned for more interesting blog posts from us here at Global Wizards!


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