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Amelia WP plugin

Have you been looking for an appointment booking plugin to register your clients’ appointments easier? Well, this article will be help you out, as it brings the perfect solution for you. Keep on reading to learn more about Amelia plugin: a tool that will uplift your business.

What Is Amelia Plugin?

Amelia is an appointment and events booking plugin from WordPress. It allows clients to make reservations and meeting appointments from your website, and also make online or offline payments.

This plugin is a great solution for many businesses and industries as it is an easy to use and powerful tool.


What Are the Benefits of Appointment Systems?

As technology and the Internet changed, many businesses are finding out that an online appointment booking software has become a necessary tool for managing their clients’ bookings.

A booking system is a method that enables your customers to schedule appointments, bookings, or reservations for any services your organization provides, both online and offline. Not only does this system offer convenience for your customers, but it also presents a great opportunity to cut down on expenses and boost revenue. By implementing such a system, you can have better control over your business resources, resulting in reduced operational costs.

Organizations can now manage their scheduling more efficiently than ever before through an automated approach, reducing waiting times as well as increasing profits since they can provide many other additional services simultaneously.

Also, by using a booking system, you can guarantee your business will have more bookings. Do you wonder why? Because by putting in time and energy to create an efficient online reservation tool for customers, your business be providing better service and, therefore, it will increase its profit margins.


A user-friendly booking system will likely attract customers who feel more comfortable spending their money with you. With the right experience, they’ll probably share your business’ information on social media and recommend it to friends and family. This will have a positive impact on your business, and you’ll build trust among consumers in general.

If you run your own business where appointments or reservations need to be made with customers on an ongoing basis, it is important to find out which system works best for you to maximize its efforts.

Amelia Booking Plugin Features

Amelia plugin has over 30 major features divided into 3 different categories: Features that improve customers’ user experience, features that help the company manage appointments, and events and features that give the company more control over bookings and related information. In this article, we will focus on the most remarkable ones. However, we invite you to take a deeper look at the Amelia website.

Custom services schedule

Set up working hours and breaks separately for each service or employee. Amelia plugin offers flexibility!

Schedule recurring appointments

Facilitate your clients’ scheduling experience by letting them schedule recurring appointments. You can choose whether the appointment is daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

Google Calendar synchronization

Let your staff keep track of each of their appointments in their Google Calendar. This will help them manage their time better!

Manage multiple locations

Store contact data, address, and geolocation of your stores and manage information efficiently. Amelia simplifies your work!

Automated notifications

Send an e-mail and/or an SMS automatically to both your clients and employees to keep them informed about each appointment status and updates.

Manage the database of your customers

You can have access to your customers’ database and filter them in alphabetic order or by their last visit.

Customer panel

Your customers can manage their profiles on your website to schedule, cancel or reschedule their appointments without logging into WordPress.

Search interface for bookings

Amelia has an incredible search interface for bookings, in which clients can use filters for better results.

Manage multiple employees

Save your employees’ contact information on WordPress’ database. You can also track their performance, manage their loads and set their schedules and days off.

Insightful dashboard and reporting

An excellent feature to watch your business performance. Track analytics and important information.

Packages of services

Persuade your customers to buy more by creating packages of single or multiple services and letting them have special discounts.

Customizable design

Make Amelia’s design match your branding style and your WordPress theme by choosing the font, colors, and elements for your front-end booking controls.

Full financial details of payments

Check each appointment status, payment gateway, total amount, discounts and more information.

User roles and permissions

This plugin has 4 built-in user roles. Create profiles for the admin, manager, employees, and customers and adjust each role permissions.

Amelia Plugin Pricing


What Kind of Sorcery Is This?!

Using Amelia Plugin for your business will surely give it a professional and trustworthy feel. Amelia WordPress Booking plugin has been created using the latest technology. It has a modern design and will definitely make a huge difference without spending tons of money.

Amelia Plugin lets you focus on doing important work rather than interfering with your activities to write down an appointment.

Having a positive experience on your website can greatly benefit your business by increasing the likelihood of customers choosing you over your competitors. On the other hand, if customers have negative experiences and their expectations are not met, it could have a detrimental effect on your company. Not only could you lose out on potential sales, but it may also drive away potential customers, resulting in significant financial losses.

At Global Wizards, we offer online booking systems for many industries and clients that improve the quality of the services and products they provide. Take a look at our work and see our results!

Browse Global Wizard’s site to learn more about the latest tools and news on the digital marketing tool, or contact us for more information.


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