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Main benefits of video marketing in the real estate industry

What do you know about video advertising for small businesses? Learn all about it plus the benefits of video marketing in the real estate industry!

Nowadays, it’s hard to deny the benefits of video marketing when it comes to promoting businesses. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s no surprise that videos have even a bigger impact.

In this article, Global Wizards will show how digital marketing is a real game-changer for businesses -the ones in the real estate industry in particular- and why it should be added to your marketing strategy as soon as possible.

What is video marketing?

Before naming its benefits, let’s start with the concept of video marketing.

Also known as video advertising, this marketing strategy involves creating, editing and using videos to promote a product or service. It is used to reach and attract a bigger audience and increase customer engagement, among other objectives.

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Benefits of video marketing

Video marketing attracts, converts and retains new customers successfully. It is a fantastic way to show your clients what they need and put your business in front of them on different social media platforms. According to some studies, businesses that include videos in their marketing strategies increase brand awareness by more than 60%. They also obtain more traffic and their sales grow exponentially.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of using videos in your business’s social media posts:

  • Longer visibility on social feeds
  • Viewers tend to retain more than 90% of the video’s message
  • Video marketing makes your business stand out from the rest
  • Higher ranks on search engines
  • ROI improvements
  • Viewers share your content and help your business reach more people

Video content examples

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Efficient video content marketing is supposed to guide leads through the buyer’s journey from awareness to decision. It is vital to understand the audience to create content based on what viewers want or need to solve their problems.

Video marketing for businesses should be both engaging and useful, that is to say, people should find it fun or interesting to watch and worth seeing. It should also be published strategically to reach the target audience and obtain the best results. Remember that every piece of video content should be thought of as part of a marketing strategy that narrates a cohesive and consistent story about your brand and what it has to offer.

Sometimes it is hard to have creative or attractive ideas to create video content. Global Wizards shares some examples that work best:

Demo videos

This type of video is perfect to showcase your product or service and explain how it works in just some seconds. Don’t forget to highlight the qualities it has to offer and provide a clear call to action.

Build an emotional connection with your prospects by providing them with the opportunity to meet your company’s staff and understand the process of product creation or service delivery.

Behind-the-scenes videos

Educational and how-to videos

People really love to learn new things online. Your company could teach how to do something related to what it offers. For instance, if you own a boutique it is a good idea to post a video sharing some tips on how to combine colors while showcasing your products.

Customer testimonial videos build trust and show your audience the effectiveness of what your company offers. It is the perfect way to increase social proof and demonstrate positive results.

Customer testimonial videos

Video marketing and real estate businesses

So we have already talked about the importance and the benefits of video marketing in businesses’ marketing strategies. However, we would like to make special emphasis on video marketing for real estate agents because we believe it is an interesting -yet not so frequent- way of promoting these sorts of services.

The real estate industry is always changing and there are several opportunities that brands can use to stay ahead.

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Global Wizards has seen the chance to combine the best digital marketing services with video marketing services to maximize results. We’ve realized that videos engage customers in a way pictures do not. Real estate agents can use the ideas named before to answer common real estate questions, to show different parts of a house or even to share tips to choose the house of their clients’ dreams.

Lights, camera, magic!

Today, video marketing is growing in popularity across all platforms. With the right planning and a bit of creativity, you can make eye-catching videos that will amaze your audience and will be a powerful tool to increase sales.

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Even though it may seem an easy task, sometimes professional help is needed and that is why we are here for! Global Wizards, an experienced digital marketing agency, has an incredibly talented team that develops effective marketing strategies that include video marketing services.

Video marketing is here to stay, and you should get on board. The sooner your company starts offering videos for its audience the better!

Take a look at our best cases and see how our services made a real difference! You can also leave us a message and share your next project with us. Let’s keep in touch!

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