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TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views

Your content may have what people are looking for, it's time to make it searchable for them to find it. Here is why TubeBuddy extension is great for your videos

Your content probably has what people are looking for, but you have to make it searchable for them to find it. Global Wizards explains why TubeBuddy extension is great for your videos!

What do we mean by Youtube SEO?

YouTube video SEO services are the best way to increase your video views, which in turn will lead to a more successful channel.

YouTube’s search engine optimization (SEO) system helps you get discovered by potential viewers when they are searching for videos on YouTube or Google. While this technique alone won’t guarantee success, it can provide an additional opportunity for increased viewership and become successful as part of a comprehensive media strategy!

YouTube SEO is not a silver bullet for success. It will, however, provide you with more opportunities to become successful by increasing your visibility on the platform when people search and watch your videos.

YouTube video SEO services are clever ways in which YouTube videos, playlists, metadata, descriptions and channels are optimized to increase its rankings in YouTube.

Ranking on the first page for searches, boosting an advertisement campaign’s visibility, or gaining more subscribers is possible with this practice!

What is Tubebuddy?

There are many browser extensions and plugins that add a layer of tools to websites like YouTube. One extension in particular, TubeBuddy, has been getting lots of praise for its ability to enhance the user experience by adding features right on top of every video page you visit on Youtube!

TubeBuddy is an amazing browser extension that gives you powerful tools to increase your views and subscribers in just some seconds.

This plugin is available in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari and offers free versions and paid versions as well.

Top 5 features of TubeBuddy extension

TubeBuddy has a bunch of tools divided into 5 different categories:

  • Productivity tools

Within this section there are 16 tools to increase productivity. Some of the most important tools are Comment Formatting, Emoji Picker, Scheduled Publish and Thumbnail Generator.

Comment Formatting is useful to remove or apply the format of comments and replies easily. Here is where you choose the type of letter you want your comments to have.

Emoji Picker is a great tool to make your titles stand out from the rest. Now there is no need to visit external sites to add emojis.

Scheduled Publish helps you add a video to a playlist automatically on a particular date. You can also use it to give your loyal patrons an exclusive sneak peek before any of the general public gets a chance.

schedule publish Global Wizards
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 10

Thumbnail Generator allows you to design top-notch thumbnails from a single static image taken from your videos. The process of creating a thumbnail becomes so much easier with Thumbnail Generator tool.

  • Bulk processing tools

Inside Bulk Processing Tools we will find different automation options such as Bulk Copy End Screen, Bulk Delete End Screen and Bulk Thumbnails Overlay.

Bulk Copy End Screen saves time as it automates the process of adding End Screen Elements. Instead, adding those elements manually on all your videos would take you a lot of time

Bulk Delete End Screen is an excellent tool to remove an End Screen Element of a site, video or playlist that will no longer be promoted.

Bulk Thumbnails Overlay is a great tool if you are looking to add a graphic overlay such as a logo or a distinct image to your video thumbnails. You can later remove it from some or all of your videos if you wish.

Bulk thumbnail Global Wizards
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 11
  • Video SEO tools

Here you’ll get tools related to YouTube video SEO services: Keyword explorer, search rank tracking, best practice audit, and more.

Do you want to get your videos ranked higher and seen by more people? Whether or not the answer is yes, TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer tool is what you need!. It will help you discover trending tags to maintain your videos relevant long after you have published them.

Keyword research Global Wizards
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 12

Search Rank Tracking allows you to track your SEO efforts and compare certain keywords to your competitors’. You will also have access to the overall status of your channel’s performance.

Best Practise Audit is a tool that automatically ensures you’re sticking to YouTube’s recommendations. As an example, this tool will make sure none of your video descriptions have broken links.

  • Promotion tools

Within the Promotion tools’ section there are production tools like Promotion Materials, Milestones or Best Time to Publish

TubeBuddy offers Promotion Materials that consist of specialized links and codes to promote your videos or your channel.

TubeBuddy extension celebrates your channel’s success and rewards you with Milestones. With Milestones, you can share your latest achievements on social media and also print and frame a special channel’s milestones.

Best Time to Publish tool is key to identify when your audience is most active so you can publish a video and get more views.

Best time to publish Global Wizards
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 13
  • Data and research tools

In this group of tools you will find Brand Alerts, Language Analysis, Search Insights and Videolytics.

Brand Alerts are used to monitor content related to you or your product such as videos, playlists and channels. You will receive a notification when somebody uploads a video showing a review of your product and you can also use it to track your competitors’ uploads.

Brand alerts Global Wizards
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 14

Language Analysis lets you see what languages are spoken by the audience of a particular channel so you choose which languages you may translate key tags to. It is also useful to know your audience for better targeting.

Videolytics will enable you to access advanced analytics for any YouTube video.

TubeBuddy pricing

Tubebuddy pricing
TubeBuddy extension is all you need to boost your views 15

TubeBuddy offers 3 plans: Pro, Star and Legend. Each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee and the possibility to cancel any of them anytime.

The most popular plan is Star, which includes time-saving tools and boosted video analytic tools.

For those willing to try out TubeBuddy extension, there is a free plan that is pretty much all you need to get started. The main difference with the rest is that bulk processing tools are not available. Nevertheless, there are many other tools that will help you optimize your channel, videos and more.

An interesting fact about TubeBuddy pricing is that it offers special discounts for non-profits.

Here is why you should download TubeBuddy extension today!

Global Wizards, a YouTube SEO specialist agency, believes in the power of TubeBuddy and highly recommends it.

Our team has experienced excellent results when using TubeBuddy for influencers. Our clients also noticed increments in their video views and are happy with the results obtained.

Our YouTube SEO specialists use TubeBuddy to optimize some of our clients’ channels and videos. Inmigrando con Kathia, Erika Jurado and Yohana Saucedo -just to name some- have proven the efficiency of TubeBuddy extension.

TubeBuddy has a wide set of options to choose from without breaking the bank. It is by far the most complete video SEO services provider available in the market.

If are interested in reading more about this and other related topics visit our blog or leave us a mesage!

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