Global Wizards to Boost Fecoljuegos’ Digital Presence


Global Wizards and the Federación Colombiana de Empresarios de Juegos de Suerte y Azar recently formalized a strategic alliance, which includes a mutual cooperation agreement between the entities. The agreement will allow, among other things, reciprocal support in actions and campaigns for the benefit of both parties. 

Thanks to our growing experience in casino digital marketing and being one of the top web development companies as well as SEO digital marketing agency in the market, we will be providing our knowledge in order to position the work and contribution made by Fecoljuegos in the entertainment area of Colombia. 

With marketing trends constantly changing, your company needs to keep up with the times and the best digital marketing strategists. 

The new partnership

Redesigning an entire website for desktop and mobile formats is no easy task. Finding new and innovative ways to elevate the brand and help realize the client’s vision is always a fun and exciting challenge. But it can also present complications. 

Being one of the largest associations of entrepreneurs in the gaming industry, Fecoljuegos needed a global platform to strengthen its online presence and serve as a business card. And who better for that task than an expert SEO digital marketing agency like Global Wizards?

The closing of this alliance represents greater visibility opportunities for the industry and for the businessmen since it allows the development of actions tending to promote games of chance through different transversal activities such as digital communication.


All about Fecoljuegos

The Federación Colombiana de Empresarios de Juegos de Suerte y Azar, founded in the year 2000, is a non-profit entity of a trade union nature formed by affiliated operators, manufacturers, and suppliers from all over Colombia, South America, whose objective is to protect the interests of the entrepreneurs of this industry.

Fecoljuegos is undoubtedly one of the main national gaming and casino associations, with the intention of representing entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, promoting the professionalization, modernization, competitiveness, and social responsibility of the sector in order to increase its profitability, its contribution to public health, and improve its image in society.

In order to improve the visibility of the work and contribution that both the gaming businessmen and the federation make to this economic activity, they needed a company with growing experience in casino digital marketing. That’s why they have decided to cede the management of its web platform to Global Wizards and its team of digital marketing strategists.

Its president, Evert Montero Cárdenas stated: For Fecoljuegos, this union represents greater opportunities for digital visibility of the work that the federation is carrying out from different fronts, as well as the contribution and development that the gaming industry has had during the last years; we welcome the entire Global Wizards team to the Fecoljuegos family and we thank them for the support that they have given us in countless occasions.

Fernando Polti, CEO of Global Wizards, next to Evert Montero Cárdenas, president of Fecoljuegos.

What do Global Wizards bring to the table?

As part of its expansion through the casino digital marketing market, Global Wizards was commissioned to conceptualize the new look and art direction to carry the association’s new vision.

Our mission is to redesign their corporate website and help the brand to get a more direct communication space oriented to provide the best communication for your associates. At the same time, we will seek to provide more effective methods of contact for the user with the intention of accessing conferences and new businesses alike.

Being one of the most prominent SEO digital marketing agency, our team of expert digital marketing strategists offers our clients a unique website through which they can reach their users counting on the most modern technology and the best means of conversion, including:

  • Brand development and creative banner design
  • Design and development of your customized website and user interface
  • Mailer and Landing Page Creative Design
  • SEM, SEO, and PPC
  • Social content design and development

Fernando Polti, CEO of Global Wizards, expressed: We are proud to be chosen as strategic allies of the internationally recognized Colombian Federation of Gaming Businessmen. With our experience and focus on the development of virtual platforms and metaverse, we will help not only to improve all the digital communication channels of Fecoljuegos but also to create knowledge resources of the latest technologies used in the world for its members.

The importance of an online brand community

We firmly believe that building a strong online brand community is vital for any company looking to establish its position as a leader in its industry. 

We know it is no easy task. Global Wizards is here for you! Leave us the hard work while you focus on more important things! Do you have a project? We make it a reality.


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