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What’s new: Google ads image extensions to desktop devices

Advertisers will soon be able to see Google Ads image extensions on desktop devices. Learn more about it!

Google Ads image extensions are already available for mobile devices and just in a few weeks will be available on desktop as well.

Last Thursday, the company announced that there is a new update coming out soon and advertisers will be able to see image extensions on desktop devices. This update is said to apply to dynamic image extensions too.

Google Ads image extension will be soon available for desktop devices.
What’s new: Google ads image extensions to desktop devices 4

Images are an essential part of any website, and now you can make them even more appealing with Google Ads image extensions! Google Ads’ update will be great to create more visually appealing ads that will definitely call your visitors’ attention. According to Google Ads news, you will be able to show your audience relevant images whether they are at home or just checking their phones on the go.

In case you are already using image extensions on mobile, they will appear automatically on desktop devices as soon as this update rolls out. Check performance so that you can decide whether this new update is valuable for your brand or not.

google homepage
What’s new: Google ads image extensions to desktop devices 5

This update includes dynamic image extensions available for all languages. This means the software automatically selects your ad’s most relevant image for desktop devices.

Another interesting new feature is the “Stock Image Library”. Google created a free library of stock images where you can search and find the best images for your ads. “Stock Images” can be cropped before adding them to your image extension to fit different formats.

What’s new: Google ads image extensions to desktop devices 6

Our company, Global Wizards, is always keeping an eye on the latest news to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Stay tuned! If you want to read more about digital marketing trends, visit our blog. You can also take a look at our services or contact us if you need further info.

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