Google Ads optimization: The new mobile app features


The latest Google Ads optimization includes performance insights explanations and new features to create campaigns and search for trends.

Last Friday, Google announced that advertisers can now create campaigns easily, check Search trends to identify emerging topics and learn from explanations with performance insights in Google Ads’ mobile app.


Why do we care about google ads optimization?

The latest updates to this mobile app have made it even more flexible for small and medium businesses and PPC practitioners. Now, they can access their campaigns from anywhere in order to make adjustments on the fly.

Search trends help advertisers quickly identify popular and useful searches to their business. Now it is easier than ever to build Search campaigns from anywhere in the Google Ads mobile app! All they need to do is just tap the plus icon on the screen. Besides, it is also  possible to adjust other campaign settings.

Knowing the causes behind performance fluctuations help advertisers to better understand what worked and didn’t work in order to make adjustments and improve future campaigns.


Google Ads optimization offers custom notifications, that ensure advertisers are alerted when new search trends are relevant to their accounts. They may also receive recommendations for positive performance changes.

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