Google announcement: New product reviews update

google announcement

According to a Google announcement made last Wednesday, the December 2021 products reviews update was rolled out to “better reward” those product reviews that provide complete information and in-depth research in comparison to those that share thin content.

Product reviews that show an insightful analysis and demonstrate original research will be benefited from this new search algorithm update. “Content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well will be rewarded” –Google emphasized.


The company also wrote: “If you have made positive changes to your content, you may see that improvement reflected as part of this latest release.” This means that any positive changes made between now and the last update probably show their impact on your rankings.

As said before, Google product reviews update was designed to promote meaningful and rich review content in search results rankings. That is, the company does not punish lower-quality content. Instead, it rewards sites that provide more insightful review content. However, if you produce thin content and find out you are placed in lower rankings it somehow feels like a Google penalty.


Notice that, technically, this update should only affect product reviews content and not other genres.

The announcement comes right in the holiday season and it is expected that the December product reviews update will take around three weeks to complete. The update is now available for English language pages.


What does Global Wizards think about Google announcement?

Global Wizards considers the new Product reviews update will be useful for businesses to be motivated to put more effort into reviews content and provide more details about products. If you happen to achieve this goal, your Google organic traffic will definitely be improved.

Apart from delivering the best digital marketing services, our company is always trying to keep our clients informed to help them make better decisions.

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