How important is digital presence to open a bank account?

improve your business' digital presence

Global Wizards’ tips to improve your business’ digital presence: opening a bank account or asking for a loan

The constant evolution of technology puts smartphones, Google searches and social media in the center of our everyday life. If you own a business, you might already know the importance of having a strong business’ online presence if you want to attract or retain customers. What you probably don’t know is that your online presence has an important impact on your business’s financial future.

Business owners that need to open a bank account or ask for bank loans need to bear in mind that their online presence is an essential part of the underwriting process, mostly with online alternative lenders which are growing at a fast pace by offering competitive loans.

Why Is Digital Presence Important to Open a Bank Account?

A company’s online presence is becoming more and more relevant to the underwriting process. The reason behind this is that financial entities look for other factors besides your credit report to understand your brand’s attributes. They consider that your personal credit score sometimes does not define you or your business’ potential. Instead, they believe in your business’ positive customer reviews on social accounts show your business’ potential. It actually makes sense, and it represents great news for businesses owners because it means they have more control over their possibilities to qualify for a loan.

If you are wondering how to grow a business’ online presence to improve the chances of financing, Global Wizards will show you some simple steps for you to follow. Keep on reading!

Create Attractive Content

Your audience needs content to start conversations and have something to talk about and at the same time, it needs an appropriate channel to develop those topics. It is always advisable to build a corporate blog as a complement to the business’ website to provide your customers with more information about the brand.

Your business’ blog will be the place in which you can share experiences and opinions about emerging trends. Global Wizards recommends creating quality content that could be useful for your audience. Normally, people don’t like reading or sharing vague content or pushy commercials for brands.


Give Your Brand a Unique And Original Voice

Your business’ type of voice will depend on its target audience, its team’s personality and the sector it belongs to. Whether it be casual or more corporate, once you decide the type of voice you will use, it is vital to stick to it across all your channels. This will help your audience to know what to expect from your brand and eventually will let you know what they say about your brand.


Practice Social Listening

When it comes to asking for a loan, what your customers say about your brand is far more important than what you show online. You must practice social listening to obtain valuable comments about your brand.

On the Global Wizards’ blog, we talked about social media management tools and how they provide useful information that will help you get ahead of the conversations and gain more control over your brand’s online image. These tools let you monitor certain keywords related to your brand and discover what people say about it in real-time. Both, good and bad reviews (or even no reviews at all) will be shown.


Engage Your Audience

You can’t expect positive feedback if you don’t give it. Thank your followers for following and sharing content, and share any praise that comes in on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Many businesses recognize the value of social media marketing and are investing in it. One of the reasons to do so is the amount of time this task takes. If done well, showing appreciation for your followers usually takes a lot of time, which is why many businesses prefer leaving it to professional digital marketing agencies.

Global Wizards considers Social Media Management & Advertising an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, that is why our company develops a specific plan of action according to your business needs to help you build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and client satisfaction.


Ask Happy Customers to Leave An Online Review

Underwriters tend to look at your business ratings and reviews on sites like Google My Business and also on your social media channels. You can ask them personally, through a survey, email, or you can even add a button on your website.

Also, you need to keep up with the latest trends, so they can tell others about how great your business has become! However, if you find it hard to keep your business updated, consider asking for digital coaching.


Accept Negative Reviews

Let’s be honest, your business will also get negative feedback too. Negative comments are inevitable and should be taken with a grain of salt, but don’t let them get to you. In some cases, you may find those comments offensive or unfair, but you can also take them as a form of constructive criticism.

Do not ignore that feedback or respond defensively under any circumstance. You might be surprised to hear that taking the time and effort to engage with negative feedback can actually help you. Our advice is to own the problem and do your best to offer a solution. If customers receive a response after their complaint, they are more likely to keep on choosing your company afterward.


Consistency Is Key for Digital Presence

Achieving consistency is the greatest challenge for businesses that want to cultivate a positive, engaging online presence.

As you are building your personal brand online, it is crucial to set a routine for consistently engaging with the content. When time constraints make following through difficult or impossible on your own – hiring an outside professional can be worth every penny spent!


To Sum Up

The advantages of cultivating your business’s online presence extend far beyond simply securing a business loan. It will also help you to stand out from the competition, gaining customer loyalty and more visibility than ever before!

At Global Wizards we go beyond conventional development and marketing, and thus we promote, innovation, growth and efficiency. We believe in the importance of digital presence to build strong businesses.

We help our clients reach their goals and change the world by creating new opportunities and offering them all the services they need to start, grow and lead their businesses.

You are warmly welcome to take a look at our work and see our magic in action. You can also contact us for further information, or visit our blog to read the latest news and trends in the digital marketing world!


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