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How to improve your marketing strategy by 297% with AI tools

An effective marketing strategy requires artificial intelligence.

Keep reading to see the benefits of AI copywriting tools and why Conversion.ai rocks!

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How do AI marketing tools work?

This marketing strategy is used to create a wide variety of digital content in just a matter of seconds. But what is really AI? It is a machine-learning algorithm that is programmed to make predictions and decisions based on the data it collects. 

The software uses machine learning to mimic human intelligence: the computer has to learn how to respond to certain actions, so it employs algorithms and historical data to create propensity models to start making predictions.

Statistics show that in five years, AI marketing tools will be widely used and will leave behind traditional ways of copywriting making a real difference in productivity levels as well as in the results obtained.

Why should you invest in AI tools for your business today?

We will give you our most honest answer: You should invest in AI tools to be one step ahead of your competition. But don’t take our word for granted: Check out Conversion.ai and discover how it might improve your business.

If you still think it’s not enough, Wizards gives you 5 more reasons to believe in the power of AI marketing tools.

Ai tools conversion.ai

AI tools create humanlike (or should we say “wizard-like”) texts rapidly. It also gives the user many topic-related ideas if the original input wasn’t good enough. It is an excellent marketing strategy to optimize copywriter’s content by brainstorming ideas, creating texts and expanding sentences in a variety of tones and languages.

When working on a deadline, lack of inspiration is frustrating and doesn’t always come to terms with your marketing strategy, so AI is there to help copywriters with a little push. No more hours lost in front of a blank page with the never-ending stress of ticking time, AI tools are an excellent choice to save writers’ time and minds because they create an original template with useful research out-of-the-blue.

Both employers and employees will finally use their time on what really matters, and not grinding on repetitive labor. It simply makes their lives easier!

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AI marketing tools help the company save money by increasing employees’ productivity, giving them the possibility to manage and optimize their time at work.

Investing in AI tools as a marketing strategy means betting on your company’s success as you will get more quality work done in much less time than ever before.

Intelligent automation and machine learning can make your products or services more attractive as it creates original content. Besides, your projects will be hand in faster which leads to happy customers.

AI marketing tools, as part of your marketing strategy, provide insights into how engaging or readable an article might be for different audiences so you don’t spend time creating unuseful content.

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In a world where data is the currency, intelligent machines are needed to mine and analyze that information. AI empowers organizations with smart insights that improve decision-making and boost productivity. That means that it helps organizations to make better decisions faster and with more accurate results than before.

With just a few clicks, you will have the opportunity to get one step ahead in the race for success!

Conversion.ai takes your content marketing strategy up a notch

If you have been looking for an outstanding AI copywriting tool, you have just achieved your target: Conversion.ai is all you need! Your copywriting workload will be lightened by using this tool that works to improve productivity levels in your writing process.

Conversion.ai solves one common problem that many copywriters face every day: Writer’s block. Thanks to its brainstorming features, there won’t be stones in your way. Continue reading to see further characteristics of this magic tool.

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Language is no longer a problem with Conversion.ai

When you first log in, you will see a huge list of templates to use, each of them generates unlimited content in 11 supported languages. It’s like Disneyland for copywriters! 

Marketers, agencies, bloggers, professionals, entrepreneurs and people in general decide to use Conversion.ai because it creates blog content (Topic ideas, outlines and introductory paragraphs), emails, SEO content (Titles and meta descriptions), engaging questions, creative stories, PAS frameworks, product descriptions among many other options in no time. 

Check the AI content creation tool's design

Conversion.ai has a very intuitive interface which is great for begginers and experts as well. First, you choose a template then you fill in the gaps with the target audience and the tone you would like to convey and in about seconds your content is done. 

The amazing AI behind this copywriting service is Jarvis, the one in charge of writing a copy with a human-like voice and a variety of tones that go from “professional” and “witty”, to “charming” or even “Batman”, and it works!.

Here is a short video showing how Jarvis creates blog post topic ideas in a blink of an eye:

Writing long texts has never been easier!

The future is (finally) here! Conversion.ai Pro has a long-form assitant that creates stories, scripts and even books in just some simple steps (we bet Hemingway would have loved this feature!).

It has also been designed as an easy way to create high- quality content to potentiate your marketing strategy. Conversion.ai has AIDA framework which is the most famous marketing framework in the world and PAS framework to create new marketing copy ideas.

Conversion.ai's Pricing

There are more AI tools for copywriters in the market but Conversion.ai really stands out not only because it produces high quality copies but also because it offers affordable plans.

Depending on your needs you can sign up for a Starter plan which is $29 monthly or a Pro plan, which is the most popular choice, for $109 monthly. Notice that both plans offer 7-day money- back guarantee in case you change your mind.

The best AI tool according to Global Wizard's experience

Artificial intelligence has become the future of copywriting and we are aware of it. We decided to include AI copywriting tools in our marketing strategy because our process of writing took around three hours and right after we started using Conversion.ai it was surprisingly reduced to an hour and some minutes. We were shocked when we noticed our productivity levels were 297% better.

Due to its simple and intuitive interface there is no time wasted learning complicated software and spending valuable time on the wrong tool. Now, we develop projects bouncing back and for our ideas with Jarvis and our clients love the results. It is amazing to see how fast we reach our clients’ expectations with such a creative marketing strategy. 

Make your life and your team’s easier. As soon as you discover how great it works you will never want to write without Jarvis anymore.

Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

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