Instagram and TikTok videos will be on Google search results


Instagram and TikTok are doing deals with Google to index their videos in search results.

According to a report, Google is working on deals with Facebook and ByeDance -the companies that own Instagram and TikTok respectively- to add video content in Google search results.

It is said that the arrangement between the three giants will be similar to the one Google and Twitter negotiated in 2015. Back then, Twitter granted Google access to a firehose of tweet data to be indexed. Now, the companies are working together to give Google the data needed to index and rank Instagram and TikTok videos.

Businesses sites will be able to choose if they want their video content to be shown in Google search results. In other words, appearing in Google Search is up to content publishers but it will surely benefit businesses because their content will become more discoverable and easy to find on Google.


However, there are many reasons why Instagram and TikTok don’t want to transfer Google the data it needs to index videos. One of these reasons is the fact that the social media platforms compete for the same audience of short video viewers as YouTube -which is owned by Google- and they don’t want to share too much information unless they receive something of value in return.

In the case of Google’s deal with Twitter, the search company pays a licensing fee annually for indexing tweets as soon as they appear on Twitter. Probably, Instagram and TikTok will receive a similar compensation plus the benefits they will obtain from having their content published on Google.

Currently, Instagram and TikTok videos do not appear in Google search results. The deal between these platforms and Google would allow that to happen and would increase the audience on the social media platforms. Besides, it would be positive for the world’s top search engine’s longevity because it would have billions of new videos for users to watch.


In the long run, the expansion of Google’s index with Instagram and TikTok videos will make the search engine a destination not only for articles but also for videos. Consequently, there will be an increment in overall search volume which means more opportunities for all publishers and businesses to be found.

If the three internet giants happen to reach an agreement, this piece of news will sound like a win-win situation for the involved parties.

Up to then, we will have to wait for the terms of the agreements between the companies because they aren’t available yet.


Global Wizards considers it is actually a great initiative for businesses that create video content on social media platforms because it means they will increase their online visibility and also their revenue.

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