Instagram news: 2 Live video features creators will love!

instagram's new features

Instagram News: New tools for Live Creators

In a short while, creators will be able to schedule their Instagram Live videos up to 90 days in advance, and then share the news on the social media platform to build up buzz and engage their fans.

Also, there will be a “Practice mode” feature that will allow creators to test their connection with their guests, lighting and any other arrangement need before a scheduled event. Instagram said that “Practice mode” has been highly expected by creators for a long time.

Instagram Live video scheduling is now available to global users. Instead, Practice Mode will start its rollout soon, according to the company’s announcement.

Live Scheduling on Instagram is available to creators globally and allows them to plan their upcoming Live video and then share that scheduled content to their followers on stories or feed posts. Followers are allowed to set reminders not to miss their favorite creators’ Live videos.

The launch of Instagram’s new features arrives at a time when the market for live content is getting hotter. It turns out that TikTok, Instagram’s biggest rival, has enabled real-time e-commerce and has also been working to improve its live content as part of the overall user experience.


Now, TikTok users come across live videos as they scroll down their feeds and have new ways to explore and navigate through the live section, searching for live videos by category.

Instagram, however, has been reconsidering its video strategy lately. Some weeks ago, announced that it was giving up on “IGTV” brand and would fuse it with Feed videos instead. As a result, the IGTV app was rebranded and long-form videos are seen together with all Instagram videos and lives, except for Reels, which also play an important role in the social media app and users can access them from the explore section or hashtag pages.

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