LearnDash review: Your eLearning site will never be the same


Most people that have taken an online course have already used LMS software. But in case you are not familiar with this term, in this article, we will tell you all about LMS plugins and why LearnDash is the best option for your WordPress site.

What Is LearnDash?

LearnDash is the most popular WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugin. This flexible plugin works perfectly well for academic institutions, businesses, solo course creators, and more.

An LMS software allows users to create unlimited courses, organizing content in a typical structure that includes unlimited modules, lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Users and course administrators can review their progress.

LearnDash’s features include course prerequisites, access to fees, content dripping and more. It is by far the best option when it comes to WordPress LMS plugins.


LearnDash Features

  • User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Builder

LearnDash allows users to make changes by using its drag-and-drop builder. This feature is very useful when you have many lessons, as it may be hard to visualize them all together, and also when you want to track a student’s progression throughout a course.

  • Excellent Front-End Learning Experience

It is important to pay attention not only to backend features but also to front-end ones. Learners will be attracted by courses because LearnDash offers a distraction-free interface and many useful tools like content tables, progress bars, and more.

  • Detailed Video Content Support

If you want to add videos to your course lessons, LearnDash offers a wide variety of features to do it. You will be able to add video previews or a resume video when a learner opens a lesson.

  • Flexible Quiz Builder

The process of creating a quiz has never been so fast and easy! LearnDash’ quiz builder is out of this world. You will be able to set up passing grades, timers, and more options to create top-notch quizzes.

  • Advanced Features (Drip Content, Prerequisites, Etc.)

Release course content to keep your students engaged in your course by setting schedules.

  • Automation Rules via Engagement Triggers

LearnDash allows you to send custom email notifications automatically whenever a student joins or completes a course, a lesson or submits an assignment, just to name some examples.

  • Vibrant Third-Party Extension Marketplace

This awesome LMS plugin works perfectly well with third-party extensions to add new features to your courses. Some options include course ratings and reviews or private messaging.


Why You Should Use An LMS Plugin?

Almost anything you wish to do to improve your eLearning site can be achieved by using a plugin. As a result, you will be able to offer unique courses improving users’ experience.

LMS plugins are thought for you to save time and money. Registrations, schedules and documents are located in one single place so you don’t have to coordinate schedules of individuals via email. Besides, it adapts to any schedule because it works at any moment, everywhere.

With a WordPress LMS plugin, you will have complete control over your platform and less dependant on a third party. It is possible for you to have access to your students’ database to obtain valuable training insights. Reporting features let you know the frequency in which learners access the content, when and where they are accessing the content as well as the time they spent on it.

You will not have to worry about losing your content (course structure, discussions or user progress) because LMS plugins usually offer backup options to protect it.

What people really love about learning management systems is the consistency in delivery which allows all learners to receive the same information.

Who is LearnDash for?

There are many ways to use LearnDash. Solo course creators build and deliver course content to their members. It is a great alternative to monetize a site by creating free or paid online courses.

In the case of businesses, LearnDash is a great tool to provide training courses to employees. It can also be used to track the progress of a new employee onboarding process.

LearDash Pricing


LearnDash Enchanted Wizards

The majority of WordPress LMS plugins provide some basic characteristics like course pages, lessons, progress trackers and analytics, but some other LMS plugins offer a more limited set of features. For this, it is necessary to install other plugins, extensions and add-ons if you want to have additional functionalities like assignment creations, certifications or quizzes, just to name a few.

We happen to find LearnDash to be the most powerful, engaging and intuitive course platform builder available on the market. With its easy drag-and-drop interface, you can start teaching right away!

At Global Wizards we make your ideas come to reality. We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in web development services. We created this LearnDash review for you to know one of the best plugins to build a successful learning site.

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