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Global Wizards, one of the best mobile game development companies, shows some steps that are part of the game development process and some rising trends for game developers. Keep on reading!

The introduction of Android and iPhone has led to a new era in mobile game development. Creating a mobile game is a challenging task that involves tons of creativity and experience in the field of new technologies. It is important to differentiate mobile game development from common mobile application development.

The process of creating a mobile game gives a company more flexibility and the opportunity to deliver original ideas. Each game is a unique experience with its own concept and aim.

In people’s hectic lifestyles, mobile games represent a way to reduce stress and anxiety, to get distracted from everyday problems or just to spend some free time.

Mobile game development phases

Our team of video game developers works with our own gaming studio to create chart-topping games for different platforms. Here are some steps of the process of mobile game creation.


Game concept development

This is the first and most important stage in the whole development process. A creative spark is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful game.

Many questions need to be answered to know exactly the characteristics of the game according to our client’s desires. The kind of game we want to create, the style we should use, the characters involved, the target audience and the platform chosen are some aspects our team decides before moving to the following phase.



This part of the process usually brings new challenges to the table as it prepares our development team for a production stage.

The teams of different areas in our company –designers, writers, developers and engineers, and artists- work together adjusting details for the process of development. In order to make sure the game’s story can be told effectively, pre-production is when team members decide on their narrative themes and key characters.



The production process begins with a clear idea of the game environment and characters, interface design, control schemes. However, your team will experience changes in the business model and development mechanics. But don’t get disappointed! You will find a methodology to adjust the new requirements while you stay on track with pre-agreed deadlines.

The production team works on character models and rendering, as well as the audio for the game, or the game levels to make sure everything comes together nicely before the release.

Once everything has been negotiated it’s time to start creating! Production is a crucial part of developing games for mobile devices. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth the reward in the end.



Testing is essential to the process of creating a game. It’s important to make sure your game works correctly on different platforms before launching it so that when someone plays, they get the best experience. A strong testing team will provide thorough feedback about how users interact with features in order to improve, or not, some aspects.

When all the tests are done, we are ready to move to the pre-launch stage.


Soft launch

In order to make sure that the product is ready for launch, all its features and functions are thoroughly tested by developers. Before launching a game, the developers will often release it in test markets or on localized platforms to see how users interact with their product.

In the pre-launch of game development, marketing strategies are necessary to promote the game and make the audience aware of it using different methods so that they know all about your latest release. One last push and we’re ready to go!



This stage is by far one of the most exciting ones for the whole team because the huge efforts made will finally pay off.

After the game is fixed and pre-launch data is gathered, it’s finally time to release a finished product. The users will provide feedback during this stage that can help improve their gaming experience even more!

Even though the game is finally released, there is one last stage that is equally important as the rest: Post-production.



It’s important to never stop evolving and growing. When a large number of players have discovered most levels in your game, it’s time for updates or new versions that release more content with fresh ideas.

Trends in mobile game development

Global Wizards is constantly keeping up with mobile game development news. We find increasing trends in mobile game development that we would love to share with you. Some of them are listed below:

  • Multiplayer games

The thrill of competitive gaming is made even more exciting with multiplayer modes that allow opponents across platforms. You can also compete against virtual competitors on your own in single-player or local network games, so it’s never just you out there!

  • Social games

Social games are played online and require social network integrations. These types of games let people stay connected with their friends no matter where they are located around the world. Candy Crush is an excellent example of this category.

  • Location-based games

In location-based games, gameplay progresses based on where players are. The common way to get this information is through GPS technology and it’s used by many developers these days.

  • Phone accelerometer

The accelerometer is a device that senses movement or gravity, which in turn helps it to sense the angle at which you’re holding your phone. This new technology used in mobile games uses sensors as game controllers to measure player actions like tilt & speed!

Why Global Wizards is one of the best mobile game development companies?

Creating a successful game is not only about coming up with the perfect idea, but also executing it well. We are proud to be one of the most talented companies that develop top-notch mobile games.

Developing new games for iOS and Android platforms is no easy task. Luckily, you can rely on our help! Global Wizards offers the best game development services. Our experienced team of developers will guide you through all the steps involved in mobile game development.


We are a company that specializes in exciting games for mobile. We will take your idea to the next level through stunning images and animations. We have experience creating exciting content on all types of media: mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms.

If you want to know more about what we do, contact us! Let the game begin!

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