Outstanding presence of Global Wizards at G2E Las Vegas 2022

Fernando Polti, Seth Schorr, Kyle Piasecki, and Peter Guzman in G2E 2022 Las Vegas

This past October 10 to 13, Global Wizards’ CEO (Fernando Polti) was invited to G2E 2022 to offer his knowledge and expertise about the industry. He guided operators from Latin America and Europe through the leading casinos in the region and was one of the speakers on the panel Building a Latino Casino Brand”. 

The event took place at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas. With nearly 25,000 global gaming professionals, including suppliers, operators and media gathered for four days of product exhibitions and debuts, networking events, keynotes, and education sessions, the Global Expo proved to be truly global and a great chance to connect with some of the most influential people in the gaming industry. 

We shared ideas and discussed the latest trends in the gaming industry. We had a chance to expand our network and learn about new creative strategies that can be applied internationally!

G2E 2022: Where the global gaming industry comes together

The Global Gaming Expo (or G2E) is without a doubt the world’s largest gathering of commercial and tribal gaming professionals. With more than 20 years of history, the event has convened the global gaming industry providing the opportunity to discover the future of gaming, from forward-thinking education sessions to new product launches. 

In a field that is constantly changing and evolving, it is essential that we keep up with major trends. Today’s gamers are increasingly discerning when it comes to seeking entertainment. Led by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the gaming industry, G2E Las Vegas 2022 provided a great opportunity to network, meet old friends and meet many new ones. All in an ideal environment that offered many opportunities to discover the future of gaming, from forward-thinking educational sessions to new product launches.

But what did Global Wizards bring to G2E 2022?

Many companies in the entertainment industry seek to connect with an audience that is difficult to reach through traditional media. Numerous firms are looking for new channels of communication with their audience, keenly trying original ways to detect new possibilities, by promoting virtual and non-virtual entertainment, and comprehensive social media experiences. 

From targeting the general audience on a B2C dynamic to ultra-segmented B2B marketing efforts, we have done it all! That is why our CEO, Fernando Polti, did not hesitate when he was asked to share his experience in the field with the rest of the attendees. 

The Tour for the best of G2E Las Vegas 2022

Global Wizards’ presence at G2E in Las Vegas 2022 began with a tour of the city’s major casinos.  Our CEO, Fernando Polti, and Alan Burak, Vice President of SAGSE, were guiding operators from Latin America and Europe through Resort World Casino, Circa Resort & Casino, and Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in a tour organized by Global Gaming Expo (G2E 2022). As part of the tour, they shared with the attendees his experience in the gaming industry.


Building a Latino Casino Brand

Adoption of new marketing strategies and technologies can sometimes be trying, but those who do take the risk and bring creativity to the maximum are the ones who are spearheading change in the world of entertainment. This year in the G2E Las Vegas 2022, Global Wizards had the chance to shine and show its magic thanks to the presence of our CEO as one of the speakers on the panel Building a Latino Casino Brand”.

The panel was moderated by Seth Schorr, Fifth Street Gaming CEO, and included our CEO Fernando Polti as a Latino cultural expert, along with the presence of marketing extraordinaire Kyle Piasecki and Latin Chamber of Commerce, Nevada President Peter Guzman. Each panelist gives a brief background on themselves as it relates to the Latino community.

What do they talk about?

As a recent transplant from Latin America, Fernando gave an overview of the current U.S. Hispanic population and its importance in the United States at the G2E 2022. 

Currently, Hispanics account for a small proportion of overall advertising spending, and they can’t be defined by a singular archetype, given the community’s vast cultural, financial, and social differences. 


About the topic, Fernando said:

Most of the time Brands ignore this, and just think se habla español is enough to get Latinos to their Salas, missing out on opportunities to build relationships with this diverse set of consumers. But this is not enough.  

This is not new. In fact, the presence of the Latino community has increased in recent years, representing a large portion of the casino audience. In this regard, Fernando expressed to G2E 2022 attendees: 

Between 2010 and 2020 the buying power of Latinos rose a stunning 87%, outpacing 51% of the non-Hispanic purchasing power. That’s why, operators and their marketers must work to understand Hispanics’ spending patterns to improve their chances of reaching this growing market.” 

Fernando Polti, Seth Schorr, Kyle Piasecki and Peter Guzman in G2E 2022 Las Vegas

Our experience with JefeBet

A great example of this is JefeBet and how with the help of Global Wizard we are dedicated to bringing together the sport Latino-American community.

In the past year, we were brought on board to help JefeBet with their website design and development, as well as to provide guidance on how they can better market their services online. We are happy to propel our colleagues in JefeBet on the exciting path of creating brand-new social networks and interactive audiovisual content through podcast production and virtual community building. Together we are designing a scalable blueprint to success! 

Global Wizards leaving a mark

Global Wizards is an expert in programmatic and digital marketing expanding their services in the gaming industry and it is our big pleasure to continue to grow in this competitive market, winning our clients’ trust and demonstrating what we can do to take your entertainment or casino business to the next level. We know we can find the right solution for any client, no matter how big or small.


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