SBC 2023: a peek into the future of Esports

SBC 2023

As technology and its popularity advances, Esports are facing new challenges, reaching new heights.  Indeed, esports revenues in LatAm are estimated to exceed US$20 million by 2027, demonstrating that it is a growing industry.

But what are the key innovations driving the industry’s development and solutions? Is the growth of new technologies and cloud infrastructure accelerating the eSports betting market? With our CEO, Fernando Polti, moderating a panel of industry giants, SBC 2023 will seek to raise these questions.

What is the SBC 2023?

The SBC Summit Latinoamerica is one of the biggest conferences and trade shows for senior executives of the Latin American gaming and betting industry. This huge event brings together leadership teams and product specialists to share their knowledge and enhance the industry. 

SBC 2023
The SBC Summit Latinoamerica brings together leadership teams and product specialists to share their knowledge and enhance the industry.

The SBC 2023 will be placed in Miami, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. So mark November 31 on your calendar, get your ticket, and prepare to enjoy Latin America’s premier iGaming and sports betting event!

Who will be at the SBC 2023?

The SBC Summit Latinoamerica gathers several industry experts to share their knowledge every year. Nevertheless, we are proud to announce that our CEO, Fernando Polti, will be moderating the SBC 2023 panel about the future of Esports, which will be integrated by:

  • Diego Foresi: CEO at Inifinity Esports 
  • Fernando Diez: CEO at Leviatan Esports
  • Angel Calderón: Head of Sales LatAm and Iberia at SIS 
IMG 20231101 WA0043 Wizards
Fernando Polti, our CEO, as moderator in the SBC 2023

What is the potential for integrating sports betting into the world of esports in Latin America?

Now, one of the main themes of the SBC 2023 is about the potential for integrating sports betting into the world of esports in Latin America. As industry experts, we could say something about that. Some of the most important benefits are:

  • Economic Growth: The fusion of esports and betting can boost the regional economy, creating jobs and driving investment, ultimately leading to a significant return on investment (ROI).
  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Betting in esports events deepens fan engagement, attracting more viewers and elevating the popularity of esports, while AI-powered games can revolutionize the gaming experience.
  • Infrastructure Development: The integration of esports betting can lead to improved esports infrastructure, making Latin America more competitive on the global stage, and attracting international tournaments and investments.

Unlock the Power of Esports in Latin America with Wizards! Elevate your ROI and fan engagement through AI-powered games and betting integration. Contact us now to explore the limitless potential of this dynamic market.

The role of regulation in sports betting and their possible impact on Esports in Latin America

Another one of the hottest topics of the SBC 2023 is the role of regulation in sports betting and their possible impact on Esports. Regulation plays a pivotal role in sports betting, ensuring fairness, transparency, and responsible gaming. Also, well-crafted regulations can safeguard the integrity of esports and protect bettors and players.

pexels rdne stock project 7915289 Wizards
The role of regulations in Esports betting will be a hot topic of the SBC 2023

At Wizards, we know that clear guidelines could encourage investment, stimulate economic growth, and elevate esports global competitiveness, minimizing potential risks associated with betting in this dynamic and burgeoning market. So let our experts help you develop your project with the tranquility of meeting all regulation requirements and Skyrocket your ROI!

AI in iGaming: the future of online casino games by Wizards

At the SBC 2023, we will see all these and more with a panel of industry experts. But one topic is also crucial for the future of Esports: the use of AI. This kind of technology can not only enhance players’ experience but also optimize the whole development process for top-tier performance at every level.

That’s why at Wizards we are working to revolutionize online casinos with AI-powered games. Our talented crew of Latin American talents is working day and night to boost gamblers’ experience. So craft AI-powered games with stunning graphics, sleek design, and flawless app functionality!


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