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Sweep to victory with an eSports influencer agency

Video gaming is a way of entertainment that has come to stay. Global Wizards, an eSports influencer agency, knows all about eSports and its marketing strategies

The Internet has brought up many changes in different areas of our lives. In this sense, competitive gaming, or video gaming, has also been affected by these changes and nowadays it is a new way of entertainment that has come to stay.

Global Wizards, an eSports influencer agency, tells you everything you need to know about eSports and its marketing strategies. Keep on reading!

Esports 101

We’ve known video games for quite a long time and most of us grew up playing computer games. Now, thanks to technology gaming became more than just a spare-time activity: It is a real sport!

Esports, also known as Electronic Sports, are video games competitions where professional players compete in different scenarios with different objectives depending on the video game.

The most popular competitions usually involve many teams and famous video games. Fans all over the world enjoy video game live streaming and sometimes the number of views breaks records.

The parties involved in esports are players, organizations (and teams), eSports leagues, casters and game publishers.

Gamers become influencers very quicky and work together with esports influencer agencies

The connection between eSports and digital marketing

It’s undeniable. The eSports industry is expanding at an incredible rate, with new teams popping up in every corner of the globe to compete for cash prizes and glory! With a global fan base that reaches far beyond its competitors’ borders, this lucrative business has quickly become one of the fastest-growing industries on earth.

The rise of games as mainstream entertainment has led to the construction of arenas across the US specially designed for competitions, events and tournaments. With this in mind, there are new advertising opportunities, such as live-event sponsorships, for brands to get their names out there. Some other alternatives that brands can use to get their product in front of the right audience are product placements and prize money contributions.

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Sweep to victory with an eSports influencer agency 12

Streamers are true influencers, and partnerships with them can be a great way to promote your products. Usually, streamers have managers or work together with a particular eSports influencer agency that handles all the events, social posts, and sponsored content opportunities.

9 eSports marketing strategies to boost your company’s name

  • Find an appropriate eSports target audience

Esports can be classified into many different genres. Audiences can enjoy a variety of games, and even fall under specific categories depending on what their favorite game is!

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  • Identify streaming platforms

The gamer who is spending most of their time on Twitch will have a different set of needs than the one playing YouTube Gaming. To reach your customers with an engaging ad, you’ll need to target them where they’re at – and not just rely on random platforms.

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  • Partner with esports influencers

Your eSports events and campaigns can be improved with the help of influencers. These digital celebrities enable brands to reach out beyond the bounds of their established networks and offer tangible interaction opportunities like contests for followers. Choose an experienced eSports influencer agency to connect your business with an influencer.

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  • Start an eSports team

Launching an eSports team is a great way for small brands to make their name and promote themselves. Whenever these teams stream content, you will get premium advertising spots in their stream while interacting with your target audience on social media at the same time!

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  • Host team events

Use platforms like Twitch to create events with your team. You might even want to think about partnering up with another organization that has similar interests so that it feels more interactive between both parties!

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  • Let an agency build your team

Global Wizards is an eSports influencer agency that will help you discover influencers and manage your campaign. An agency will save you a lot of time and also will be your connection with reputable teams on platforms.

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  • Co-sponsor an event

By co-sponsoring a high-profile streamer’s event you can take advantage of his or her popularity. The advantage of being a sponsor is the immediate access to an already engaged fan base.

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  • Focus on content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand’s name in the growing gaming industry. Digital marketing agencies, like Global Wizards, will create quality content about the latest news in gaming and will promote it through websites, social media accounts and in-stream ads.

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  • Check your strategy

Monitor your campaigns from time to time to see if you are obtaining the desired results and make as many changes as you need in order to stay on track with your marketing efforts.

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Some words to sum up

Competitive gaming has gone through many changes and today represents a new way of entertainment that has come to stay. It has also broadened the scope of marketing and advertising.

There are many strategies to take full advantage of the benefits that the gaming industry offers as regards marketing opportunities.

Our company, Global Wizards is an experienced digital marketing agency and a professional esports influencer agency as well. We know the eSports industry is booming and we offer a variety of marketing services that go from content optimization and SEO to Interactive Content and eSports influencer management. We help other companies connect their brand with influencers to improve their results.

We would love to know what you think about eSports as a new way of advertising! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and more social networks or leave us a message!

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