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WordPress next release is delayed: Here is what happened

What happened with WordPress next release? Although it was supposed to be published in December 2021, it is now postponed until next year.

It seems we will have to wait for WordPress next release. WordPress recently announced that the next major version release due out in 2021 will be delayed to January 25th, 2022.

Some core contributors were concerned about meeting the project’s deadline this year because the project had fallen behind. The rush to meet a deadline and many changes yet to be done were some red flags that signaled the failure to release WordPress’ 5.9 version on time.

Even though this WordPress next release meant the third major release for this company in 2021, it seems that the number of changes needed was overwhelming for the development team.

Wordpress next release is delayed till next year
WordPress next release is delayed: Here is what happened 3

High expectations for WordPress next release

WordPress version 5.9 is the biggest WordPress update for its community and includes some exciting features that will make it easier than ever to create content! For example, Full Site Editing is a very useful feature that allows publishers to edit and modify every aspect of their webpage using the Gutenberg block interface.

The Gutenberg block interface is unique and has an innovative design that brings together all of the tools in one place. It makes WordPress easier to use through an easy-to-navigate interface with visual cues and shortcuts for experienced users or beginners alike.

The main components of the new version are not ready yet

The WordPress team had to decide whether to roll out a diminished version sticking to the original schedule or to cancel the deadline and release the full WordPress 5.9 version later.

WordPress made an announcement explaining what took them to put down the new version’s launch:

“Near the end of the original alpha release cycle, issues arose that related to multiple major features planned for the 5.9 release, including:

Full Site Editing (FSE), which is a collection of features, such as global styles interface, Navigation Block, block themes, template editors, and site editing flows.

The Twenty Twenty-Two (TT2) theme, which depends on these FSE features.”

WordPress next release is delayed: Here is what happened 4

In some way, it is better to wait until the year-end holidays come to an end to release a major version. Having trouble during the shopping season would be a big disaster.

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