Can AI write its own code? AI has evolved!


Can AI write its own code? Over the last few days, people talked about an AI system that writes its own code. Global Wizards has the latest information about Codex.

Codex is a new artificial intelligence technology that writes and creates its own programs in 12 computer languages and can also translate from one programming language to another.

Tom Smith, an experienced programmer that supervises an AI startup called Gado Images, tested Codex by making it perform “coding challenges” like the typical ones programmers face in big companies’ interviews. Can AI write its own code? He wondered. Was this AI technology able to write a program that changes spaces by dashes in a sentence, or was it able to write a program that detects invalid ZIP codes?

To Smith’s surprise, Codex AI was able to do both tasks in a blink of an eye, even before achieving many other activities. “These are difficult problems for many humans to solve, myself included, and he wrote the answer in two seconds, it was shocking to see” – Smith commented.


Although this technology seems to soon replace human workers, it actually has many unpolished aspects that require the skills and abilities of a human being.

Tom Smith realized that the performance of Codex was good enough to be successful. The AI system is able to make translations between different programming languages. However, after some time working with Codex, Smith found out this technology could boost human productivity and help professional programmers instead of representing a threat to them.

According to Smith, this tool is all that programmers need to make their lives a lot much easier. Besides, a new generation of people will take advantage of using this type of AI technology: they will be able to learn about computers while they watch how to write bits of code as if AI was their personal tutor.

OpenAI, an out-of-this-world research laboratory, was behind the creation of Codex. This awesome development tells us a lot of information about the evolution of artificial intelligence, and despite the fact that this new technology has been growing at a fast pace over the last years, even the most spectacular systems ended up complementing human work rather than replacing it.

Due to the rapid rise of Neural Network, which is a mathematical system, it is possible for machines to learn and improve certain skills by analyzing colossal amounts of data. For instance, machines can recognize a dog after they have analyzed thousands of photos of dogs. It is clear that AI machine learning and data fuel the future of productivity.

Around 2017, researchers designed neural networks to analyze a huge amount of prose, including different types of texts posted on the Internet like digital books or Wikipedia articles. So how can AI write its own code? By identifying patterns in texts, these networks learned to predict the following word in a sequence. Even though they are short and simple, the AI system can write its own computer programs, to everyone’s surprise.

In our everyday life, this technology recognizes commands you give to your cellphone, translates between languages in applications and social media and helps autonomous vehicles identify pedestrians and street signs when they go through a street, among other activities.


Global Wizards believes that new discoveries in the world of Artificial Intelligence represent a huge step for humanity. It will surely be of great help for our future and will let us break our own limitations.

Our team is constantly looking for information and updated news of interesting topics for you to be aware of the world of technology and digital marketing. If you want to read more posts, take a look at our blog. You can also contact us to receive more information about our AI & ML services. We would love to hear from you!


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