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5 reasons why custom web development services are important

It is almost impossible to find a well-heeled organization without a strong online presence. Find out more about custom web development services!

Global Wizards will explain why your company needs custom web development services based on a true fact: People spend around 15 seconds on your webpage. Were you aware of it?

According to that information, your company needs to make an impact on its visitors in less than 15 seconds. So how do you achieve that goal without losing your mind, time and money? Easy, all you need are custom web development services to engage and maintain users!

In today’s digital era, it is almost impossible to identify a well-heeled organization without a strong online presence. Even though there are many website construction platforms that simplify and “reduce” the costs of website creation, there is also more competition which makes it really difficult for free web pages to score and enter the market. This is one of the main reasons why custom website development is vital.

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5 Benefits of custom website development

Original brand identity

Let’s admit it, having templates and themes can save your time. However, it limits creativity and lacks originality.

Just like your business, your website should be unique and have its own style. In this sense, custom website development will look more professional due to the incorporation of your brand’s features like colors, images and text.

As a complement to web development services, a good idea is to have the rest of your company’s products and channels suited. That applies to business cards, flyers, social media accounts, digital media, and more.

Extra tip: emphasize the client journey on your website while promoting your company’s products and services to stand out from the competition.

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Improved UX

A good user experience is a result of a well-thought-out design and always should be a primary focus.

Custom web development services usually include the analysis of the paths visitors take, the strategy to reduce de number of clicks done and also the incorporation of cross-promotion marketing and CTA buttons.

Another important component in UX design is the loading time and speed of the site. If your page runs slow, you will probably lose sales. Custom web developers have the knowledge it takes to understand and build a site with the appropriate apps and plugins, the correct data sizes and hosting service.

Custom web development services will surely make the most out of your company!
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Some time ago both consumers and search engines were concerned about security vulnerabilities. Even Google warned consumers about the risks of having their personal information unprotected and users had to verify that pages had SSL enabled before filling them out.

Nowadays, the majority of custom web developers, like Global Wizards, host their customers’ websites. Thanks to that, your page will be in a safe environment as the hosting service will be continuously optimized to guarantee the reliability of every app and website hosted.

Flexibility and scalability

When creating an online presence for your website be sure to build a page that expands as your company does. Custom web development services will be key for the creation of a platform that is scalable, handles big amounts of traffic and has the option to add new features and capabilities.

SEO Techniques

SEO can be applied to any website, but having a website developed according to your needs will let you go further. Organic results account for half of all site traffic. This seems to be one important factor in determining the success or failure of a website that you should not overlook.

A good custom web development company will make the most out of your company by helping you adjust your SEO strategy and using metadata to climb rankings.

Combining SEO strategies with a stunning web design and web development, we ensure your clients will come back for more!

Why Global Wizards?

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Always keep in mind that your company has what it takes to stand out from the crowd, you just need the right hands to unveil that potential.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, custom web development is a terrific long-term investment in your business’s future.

Global Wizards is a custom web development company whose team is out of this world. With years of experience, it will help your company reveal its best version through logo design and branding services, web design and web development services, web hosting services and much more!

We would love to be part of your next project! Contact us for more information or take a look at our services and see our best cases.

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