No more high load times! Kinsta Hosting is your solution

Kinsta hosting allows companies to reap the benefits of scalability and flexibility. Global Wizards' Kinsta WordPress Hosting review is what you need to read!

Kinsta hosting allows companies to reap the benefits of scalability and flexibility. It gives them access to an infrastructure that can scale depending on their needs which can also be flexible by moving around servers quickly in case one breaks down or is too full.

What is Kinsta hosting?

Kinsta offers high-performance cloud hosting services on Google Cloud Platform. Their scalable and secure infrastructure ensures that businesses of any size get the performance they need at affordable prices.

It is a WordPress host that has many features to solve common website problems like downtime or high load time, among others.

By hosting websites on the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta hosting is able to deploy computing resources quickly with high-speed performance. Additionally, this cloud hosting’s main benefit is its reliability as it is constantly backing up in case something goes wrong.

Kinsta Hosting helps take care of your business' needs.
No more high load times! Kinsta Hosting is your solution 3

Is Kinsta worth it? Take a look at some of its benefits!

Kinsta will bring you the tranquility you need to manage your business. Let this cloud hosting platform takes care of your website while you focus on growing and maintaining your business.

It will keep your site running fast, secure and monitored 24/7 so that there’s no downtime in between traffic spikes or during system failures.

Kinsta offers the best support to its clients. Its team of experts will help you whenever you need it. Users have the best experiences when using Kinsta hosting services.

Plus, this software has something for everyone whether you are a developer just starting out or an advanced one. It is quick and easy to install and can easily be upgraded to more complete solutions if needed.

Kinsta Features

Regular uptime checks

Kinsta checks all of your hosted websites’ status every 2 minutes. That means that every day each of your sites is checked 720 times. This is very useful as Kista reacts to issues avoiding visitors being affected.

Always backed up

The hosting service includes full backups daily. If something goes wrong, it will reinstate a backup in a bink of an eye. Kinsta offers live backups and staging ones separately to guarantee the safety of your development efforts.

Scalable hosting

Your site can scale as much as you need thanks to Kinsta infrastructure which is built on Google Cloud Platform. The power of Google’s hardware is always ready when you need it.

Hack fix guarantee

Kinsta acts immediately if your site is hacked. Its team of experts will restore your site and leave it in perfect conditions to keep on working. They investigate suspicious activity and act proactively.

Expert support

Experienced teams will help you deal with server maintenance, theme building and maintenance, plugin building and maintenance, solving general problems and more tasks that might cause you terrible headaches!

Developer- friendly

If you are a developer, Kinsta makes it easy for you to have access to the Developer options. You can also add other users if someone else is going to be working on your website or blog as well!

Fast feedback

Kinsta support team is available 24/7, you won’t have to wait in line for support. Kinsta uses internal and external communication to solve problems efficiently.

24/7 monitoring

Apart from checking your sites’ uptime 720 times a day, Kinsta makes sure their servers stay healthy by monitoring the status of other external and internal systems. This way they can focus on continuous improvements.

100% solve rate

Kinsta guarantees to solve each problem no matter whether your website is down or you’re getting attacked. What is more, they will share their knowledge within their support team.

My Kinsta admin

Manage your website from one, centralized platform created with the purpose of giving you absolute control over your site management. Track detailed statistics, use advanced tools and more!

Choose your data center

Choose and place your server according to your geographical location. This platform has 28 data centers to choose from that will provide you with fast load times for your website and low latency for your visitors.

Staging areas

A staging environment will allow you to easily test new versions, plugins and codes in WordPress to later share it with your team. This way, you can test before starting your production.

Optional add ons for any plan

Kinsta hosting lets you extend your plan’s features from the start by adding your special needs and extra features.

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta pricing Global Wizards
No more high load times! Kinsta Hosting is your solution 4

Our magical piece of advice

Kinsta is a top-notch managed WordPress hosting provider. It will help you with your website needs thanks to its cutting-edge technology and it will deliver great results for your business.

This WordPress hosting provider has an incredible support team that is willing to solve your problems 24-7.

Global Wizards finds Kinsta an efficient, streamlined web host that will help you save time and money. Kinsta web hosting offers many advantages that make the process of managing your site simpler and more enjoyable. It will bring your business many benefits that include fast load times, less downtime to worry about, and a higher level of security, among other things.

We hope you enjoyed our Kinsta WordPress Hosting review as much as we enjoy sharing info with you!

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