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In this article, we will continue discovering more about WPDataTables. Keep on reading to learn more about WPDataTables addons to create outstanding tables and charts.

What You Need to Know About WPDataTables

WPDataTables was developed to create responsive tables and charts on WordPress. In just 3 simple steps, you will be able to add content to custom tables that will surprise your readers, as it is a great way to engage your audience!

WordPress DataTables plugin was designed to enhance user experience and make the process of data representation easier, faster, and more efficient.

This amazing WordPress plugin comes with a large list of features that include advanced features, table data editing, column types, and more tools that were discussed previously in this article.

What Are WPDataTables Addons?


In one of our latest articles – WPDataTables, the best way to create fancy charts in seconds – we talked about plugins and how important they are for extending your website’s functionality. That makes us state the difference between plugins and add-ons.

Add-ons are extensions of a certain program that usually function only on that program, i.e. they extend the functionality of a specific program and work only for that program.

Instead, plugins are third-party extensions developed for programs or software in general, not for a specific one.

Work Better Using WPDataTables Addons

With over 60 features, WPDataTables is the most complete WordPress Tables plugin. As there is always someone wanting more -wink- WPDataTables addons extend the functionality to the maximum.

WPDataTables has 6 addons, 5 of which are paid and 1 is free to download. All of them will be described below.

Forminator forms

This FREE WPDataTables addon is a significant tool that connects WPDataTables with Forminator, an easy-to-use form builder. This incredible tool allows users to add a form as a new table in WPDataTables. You will be able to analyze Forminator’s form data and display it using WPDataTables.


Master-detail tables

This is a new add-on that lets you show hidden columns to your site visitors with just one click. Your table will always look nice and readers will see details for each row with a simple click. Add and hide as many columns as you want, and leave worries behind!


Powerful filters

Another new WPDataTables addon is Powerful Filters that allows users to filter table data with Cascade filters and hide the table before applying filters.
This type of filter is a fast and convenient option for users as they narrow down the options available in the following filter depending on the first filter applied.


Gravity forms

This add-on allows you to create wpDataTables based on your Gravity Form entries. First, you need to install Gravity Forms and activate the integration. Then, you will have the option to add a Gravity Form table type in WPDataTables.


Formidable forms

Using this add-on you can create tables using your Formidable Form entries. Once installed and activated, you will have the possibility to create a table in WPDataTables linked to an existing data source (Formidable Forms).


Report builder

Filling in the same documents over and over again is no longer an issue thanks to the Report Builder add-on. Prepare templates and let this marvelous tool generate documents automatically.


Wizards Knows Best

WPDataTables addons will be of great help to your business since they add more functionalities to your site. Your business will now have everything -and even more – you need to succeed in today’s digital world.

The good thing about WordPress plugins and add-ons is that you don’t need to have prior knowledge or background in coding. These tools are made to facilitate your life as soon as you decide to get them.

Global Wizards believes add-ons are key to WordPress’s site. Once you start working with them, it will be hard to go back!

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